Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The Demonstration of faith

Faith - Lesson 2

(Matthew 9:29; Hebrews 11:1-6)


Part 2

I. The Demonstration of Faith (Matt. 9:1-8)

A. His own city (v. 1).

1. The most difficult place to demonstrate your faith is among your own family and friends.

2. Even Jesus was limited by the faithlessness of friends and family (Matt. 13:54-58).

3. Our faith is demonstrated in front of our peers!

B. Thy sins be forgiven thee (v. 2).

1. It takes the same kind of power to healed, as it does to save sinners (v. 5).

2. It takes the same kind of faith to be healed as it does to be saved!

3. If Jesus can do one He can do the other, and if He cannot do the one, He cannot do the other.

C. The proper order must be followed.

1. Jesus dealt first with the man’s pardon, then with his palsy.

2. He forgives our iniquities, then heals our diseases (PSA 103:3).

3. Many who reject salvation, still want God’s blessings and healing!

II. The Determination of Faith (Matt. 9:20-22)

A. Her disease.

1. She had been in this condition a long time (v. 20).

2. Mark tells us that she spent all of her money on physicians and "was nothing better, but rather grew worse."

3. She is in a hopeless condition. She has no reason to believe that there is any hope of being delivered.

B. Her decision (Matt 9:20-21).

1. She believed that He could heal her, but she had to make a decision to come for healing.

2. She determined to get to Him, even through the thronging multitude [Mark 5].

3. Faith is not just a mental assent; True faith always leads to action.

C. Her deliverance (Matt. 9:22).

1. She was determined to get help, so she sought every earthly means to get it [many physicians].

2. She never lost hope, even though her case was clearly hopeless.

3. She had no doubt that Jesus COULD heal her. She said "within herself, if I but touch the hem..."

III. The Derision of Faith (Matt. 9:18-19; 23-24).

A. There will always be those who mock.

1. Faith cannot be physically seen, so those who deny it feel justified in doing so.

2. Faith cannot be physically proven, so those who exercise it cannot really prove it.

3. Some will laugh at your faith, no matter how sure you are of it.

B. There will be some who will never be convinced.

1. Even after the miracles of Christ, there were some who did not believe.

2. Those who will not be convinced by God’s word, will never be convinced by any other means.

3. The mockers will continue mocking, but it does not diminish the word of God at all.

C. The daughter’s parents were convinced.

1. Her father was convinced BEFORE the miracle (v. 18).

2. The young girl was convinced DURING the miracle.

3. Many were convinced AFTER the miracle (v. 26).

IV. The deliverance of faith (Matt 9:27-29).

A. Their cry (Matt. 9:27).

1. They didn’t cry for HEALING, they cried for mercy!

> They recognized that disease was the result of sin.

> "By His stripes we are healed!"

2. They didn’t cry for JUSTICE, they cried for mercy!

> None of us deserves the blessings and healing of God.

3. They didn’t cry for SIGHT, they cried for mercy!

> They realized that He did not owe them anything!

B. Their faith (Matt. 9:28).

1. No hesitation, just anticipation.

> Faith is believing.

2. No questions, just quick response.

> Yeah Lord.

3. No doubt, just dependence.

> They just believed that He could, and that He would.

C. Their answer (v. 29).

1. He gave them a blank check!

> They had to fill it out by faith!

2. He said, take as much as you have faith to take!

> (2 Kings 13:14-19) Should have smote 5-6 times...

3. The response of God’s work (v. 29-31).

> They couldn’t help but tell what God had done for them.

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