Summary: God plants the seed of faith in our hearts, if we turn to Jesus it germinates and starts to grow. We need to surrender to mature to reach the fullness of what God wants us to be, to reach the lost, to change our communities to save nation, are your ready

Matthew 17:20 He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ’Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.“

Faith – what is it?

According to the Bible, "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11:1, New International Version).

Its like knowing the sun is still there on a cloudy day, just because you can’t see it does not make it not there, does it

Faith is believing in the unseen, trusting in God that he is good and he loves you and the promises are indeed true. Faith is believing there is more than life, believing in heaven fixing our thoughts on what is to come rather than what is demanding. Its critical that we keep in view were we are going, on a recent trip to the USA (I live in the UK), I made a mistake on not doing that. I wanted to travel to Bloomington, so booked the flights arrived at the airport, stood for an hour in freezing winds waiting for a taxi, was praying for one to arrive and for me to get the hotel safely, one did arrive and I showed the driver my hotel print out and he read the details and looked then looked at me and said “no such place” what look this is real sir I have a print out from the hotel look at the address, he did and said no such road in this town sir, but if the went to the Bloomington in Indiana you might find it there, you see I was standing in Bloomington Illinois and not Indiana which was a good 300 miles away, IL not IN as it clearly said on the booking form if only I had eyes to see. The look on the drivers face was priceless though, victory he had me, then the light went on and he said I could drive you there only take 4 – 5 hours, I hastily retreated to the airport and thankfully finally managed to arrive in Bloomington Indiana a bit later than planned but God got me there!

You see we should never lose sight of the fact that we are heaven bound, our journey is eternal and our task now is to serve God and grow his kingdom here on earth by letting him grow us while we are on earth.


With God the process is important, significantly important. Consider the creation poem spelt out in Genesis. God said and it was, God saw, God named and it became. A process like a seed planted in soil, it germinates, becomes alive, parts of it become roots, part of it becomes a shoot and it starts seeking the light, pushing up through the soil or it starts seeking food, nourishment, anchorage and pushes down into the dirt. You see our spiritual journey, our spiritual growth is a process. Jesus shows us that if we start with something as small as a mustard seed of faith it can be grown so that it is bigger than mountains, bigger than nations a kingdom shaping and making faith starts from the smallest of seed

It starts with a small seed of faith, a gift from God planted in the hearts of man, a seed of life a seed of transformation if it can germinate and grow. For a Seed to germinate and grow it must firstly have life in it, secondly be in the right soil with the right amount of water and at the right temperature, then the process can begin, life starts. Lets look at this process from a spiritual perspective. You see creation is a driving force a process that cannot be stopped and in a Christian it starts with salvation and as far as I know never ever ends, it spans our lifetime, it spans our understanding and knowledge in reality it spans eternity. It starts with a cross its promise is seen in Jesus risen from the dead ascending to heaven showing the way for all who follow him, he came to the earth in flesh and left it the same way. Which gives us fleshing things that we are hope eternal, hope for transformation, hope to grow and be changed by the touch of God himself, this is the meaning of life this is life

Step one, prepare the ground make hole place seed in:

The first step is preparing the ground, like ploughing a field, well for me this is like talking to someone’s heart seeking to reach a place of deeper meaning that we all have. We all have a place that yearns for more to life than we know, we have a place that needs love, needs acceptance, needs relationship and all those things that stem from that. This place in all of our hearts is the place were the seed of faith falls, the seed of faith is a gift from God, faith starts with God you see it’s a divine spark that resonates in us, in our souls, it’s a life beyond life that when it starts growing it makes us fully human, brings us into our divine purpose and transforms us into people that can bring glory to God. But like any seed it needs the right conditions to grow, needs to find the right soil, soil that is receptive to receive the good news that Jesus brings, good news that brings eternal life

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