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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

 To have faith is to believe then you shall receive.

 Only the Just shall live by faith.

 To have faith is to believe that you will receive.

 Faith in God that He will take care of us.

Over the past couple of days I have had that word “Faith” dwelling in my head. Last night those random statements came to light while I was in a small worship in my office and I noted them down. I have been very stressed and worried at how things were going to work out with me being jobless and my wife only working part time but I have been told not to worry about it. I needed to have/keep my faith in the Lord our God to be able to survive. Now, I am not saying that He told me I should not keep up the work I am doing with finding work but to be not worried at the fact that I am not getting as many replies.

Why is Faith so important in our lives?

 It is the foundation or basis in our lives.

 We cannot do anything without having some sort of faith.

 It moves us and keeps us in check with things.

 It allows us to be closer to Christ.

There are people who believe that faith and hope are one in the same but I personally believe that first you hope for something then have the faith in the fact that it will become reality.

 I hope that I will make it to work on time.

o I have faith that it will be done. But only if it is God’s will.

I always tell people that God will only give us things that He feels are things we need and can handle. That statement not only goes with our trials in life, (Might I add that our trials are our test of faith.) But, in the things that we need and/or want in our lives.

When we believe in something or have faith in it that is when it shall happen. We also need to remember that it is a divine assurance and when it comes in our lives, the thing we have faith upon, we need to remember that it is a gift from God.

A Gift from God?

Yes, because when we are in the right frame of mind and see that everything that we believe and have faith in and it manifests it is a gift. God wants us to lead by example. What better example when what we have faith on comes real. It is a testimony that we can use to show others how great and powerful our God is. He wants us to use our lives as testimony as He used His Son’s life on this earth as testimony to us.

Having Faith equals more communication to God. And when we commune with Him it pleases Him. He only wants the best for us. We need to remember that.

Well Why the trials?

They are there to help us keep our faith in him. We should never pray that that our lives should be free from trials. We need to pray and have faith that he will lead us through the trials and temptations in our lives. I know my trials keep me closer to Him and it defines me as what type of man that I am.

I can say lets picture our life without any temptations or trials. But when I think about that then how can we keep our eyes where they need to be. People will soon forget about the good when there is no bad. We will quickly loose sight of God. We all go through a stage of what I call “Temporary Blindness” and that is the only thing I want to be accused for if I am to be accused of anything. I have faith in the fact that it is temporary and God will lead me. Without trials who do we call upon? Why would we need faith in our Savior when we have nothing to worry about?

I know I will and do thank God for my trials. I have my faith in Him that He will keep me safe and not to waver as He leads me through my day to day life.

Please forgive such random thoughts today. It is something that I just felt the need to put down on paper so to speak before the thoughts left. I also know there not in a decent order but for some reason it is in the order God has asked me put them in. I pray that everyone keeps in the faith and you will receive. God loves us all

-Pastor Shawn

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