Summary: He who is faithful with a little will be faithful with much.

Faithful in the Smalls

July 26, 2015 Evening Service

Immanuel Baptist Church, Wagoner, OK

Rick Boyne

Message Point: He who is faithful with a little will be faithful with much.

Focus Passage: Matthew 25:14-30

Introduction: “Lord, just let me PROVE to you that I can handle a vast fortune wisely.” I’ve hear people express that sentiment. Evidently, the answer from the Lord is, “You proved you can’t handle it wisely. Look at how you have wasted what I’ve given you.” Ouch. The reality is, that if you are faithful with a little bit, or the small things, then you will be faithful with whatever God chooses to give you. The deal is that we must be faithful with the smalls.

I. Use What God Gives You

a. This is not in regards to money; this is a spiritual lesson

b. Grace, talents, words,

c. When we refuse to use what God has given us, if He doesn’t take it away, He sure won’t give us any more

II. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

a. Some simply get more than others to start out with

b. God will not ask whether we did as much as the person sitting next to us, only what we did with what He entrusted to us.

c. We can’t judge what equals “great results” in God’s economy.

III. Don’t Make Excuses

a. Don’t blame God for your not being faithful

b. God will equip you for your task.

c. It will include taking risks.


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