Summary: How do you react when you see someone great? We are going to look at the reactions of two people when they recognised Jesus for who he is. Mark 5v 21 onwards.

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How do you react when you recognise someone great?

Not everyone recognises a great person.

We are going to look at the reactions of two people when they recognised Jesus for who he is.

Lets read Mark 5 v 21 onward.

They recognised Jesus for who he is. They both came in faith and both fell at his feet.

These are both public acts of will by two people at opposite ends of the spectrum, one seen as religious, the other as unclean, yet they both have the same reaction when they meet Christ.

They differ from the crowd. The crowd, when they recognised Jesus saw him as a magic man, someone who would put on a show. Whereas Jairus and the sick woman recognised Jesus as a healer, as loving and merciful – more than just another prophet.

But this recognition is nothing by itself, Jairus and the sick woman both acted on it.

Jairus put that initial recognition into action by falling at Jesus’ feet. This was as an act of submission. He was saying –“I’m giving up, and putting this problem in your hands.” Submission is the act of surrender and obedience, an offering. Jairus was saying more than you’re my last chance. He was saying, ‘I’m a synagogue ruler, highly respected in this area. But I’m on my knees now, and I’m giving up and offering you my life and my status.”

I expect that Jairus was quite frustrated when Jesus stopped because someone had touched him. And I expect he was going mad, when Jesus wanted to find out who that person was. A massive crowd, hundreds of people all pressing to get close to see what Jesus would do next, of course someone was going to touch him!

The sick woman recognised that Jesus was someone special. She acted on this recognition by reaching out and touching him. And instantly she felt her body had been freed from suffering. When you put something in someone’s hands, you hand over the responsibility to that person. When your car breaks down and you know you can’t fix it, you hand it over to a garage, and you give them the responsibility of fixing the problem. You put your faith in them to restore your car to you in better condition than when you took it in, even though, when you take it in, you find that the job is bigger than you thought, and there are a lot more problems with it than you first thought. Like the woman who had suffered with this illness for 12 years, despite going doctors, she had got no better. Yet when she put this problem in Jesus’ hands it was taken from her and he took his responsibility seriously.

Around this time, people did believe that a healers’ power was in the clothes that they wore. Which today, is like the TV evangelist who tells you that if you touch the screen while he prays you will be healed. But Jesus wanted this woman to know him as more than a person who could heal just physical pains. So he made a point of singling this woman out. Because of this personal call, she recognised Jesus’ power, and fell at his feet. Through this new understanding of who this man was, she was healed for a second time, as Jesus healed her spiritual pains. She knew the peace and freedom that an unclean person could never have hoped to experience. When the sick woman, now healed, fell at his feet, she was saying “I had faith to touch you and you were there and honoured my faith.” In other words, she fell at his feet in praise thankfulness and she testified to the crowd of what Jesus had done in her life.

Is Jesus calling you to fall at his feet and be a witness for him?

Through the healing of a sick woman, Jairus saw what Jesus was capable of. He saw the real power of Jesus.

Then what happened? Jairus’ daughter died. I expect at this point, a desperate man got even Jesus reminded him that the responsibility had been taken from him when he gave the situation over to Jesus and he had to trust that his daughter would be well. Going back to the car in the garage analogy, it’s like when your car goes in to have its tyres changed, and you find out that the suspensions gone. Sometimes, problems get worse before they get better. But if you hand the problem over to Jesus he tells you “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

Should we fall at Jesus’ feet?

Do you have something you need to give over to God? Something to sacrifice or a problem that you haven’t yet given to him?

Perhaps God has honoured you in some way, do you need to thank him for that in praise and worship?

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