Summary: A survey of the major cults and their false teaching

’The False Teachings of Today’

I. The Catholic Church/Romanism

A. It’s False Salvation is in the Seven Sacraments

Definition: A sacrament is a holy ordinance instituted by

Christ; wherein by sensible signs, Christ and the benefits of the

new covenant are represented, sealed, and applied to believers.

(Answer 92) Shorter Catechism

Explanation: Rome holds that in the ordinary course of life five of these seven are necessary for salvation! And their only proof is tradition for the additional five added besides the Biblical ordinances of Water Baptism and the Lord’s Supper (un-necessary for Bible salvation) which they call Mass or the Eucharist. These seven were not formally decreed until the Council of Florence in 1439 even though the Catholic Church had already existed for a 1000 years plus!

1. Water Baptism (Is now taught to be the ’born again’

experience which is the false doctrine of baptismal


*Not possible for newborns to be saved without Baptism

*Limbus Infantum was invented as the place for dead

un-Baptized newborns

2. Confirmation (Laying on of hands by Bishop to convey the

Holy Spirit to the baptized)

3. Eucharist (Mass-The wafer and wine are said to actually

become the very body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ)

4. Penance (The works substitute for Gospel repentance

consisting of repeating prayers, the Hail Mary or rosary


punishment, fastings, pilgrimages etc. giving a false

hope through outward works.)

5. Extreme Unction (Anointing by the priest of those in

danger of death with holy oil and special prayer.)

6. Orders (The ordination of church officials

priests,bishops,archbishops,cardinals, and popes)

7. Matrimony (Began by a mis-translation of Ephesians 5:31,

32-Vulgate, Jerome’s Latin Version ’This a great sacrament...’

not ‘This is a great mystery…)

B. It’s False Ongoing Works Salvation/Sanctification is in the Mass

1. They falsley teach the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus is ongoing not finished once for all (John 19:30; Hebrews 10:10)

2. They falsley pervert the Biblical Lord’s Supper

(Matthew 26:26-28; I Corinthians 11:23-26)

3. They falsely teach the wafer/bread and wine/drink are actually changed by the power of the priest at the point of consumption

4. They falsely teach that the mass is the same as the

Lord’s sacrifice on Calvary through trans-substantiation

5. They falsely utilize the mass to collect money for

the support of the church:

a. Low mass: For benefit of a soul in purgatory read

by priest in a low tone with no music=

$1.00 Minimum

b. High mass:For benefit of a soul in purgatory sung

by priest in a loud voice with choir and

music=$10 Minimum

Usual price for high mass is $25-$50

c. High requiem mass@funerals: Hundreds of dollars

depending on number and rank of priests, flowers,

candles etc.

d. High nuptial mass@weddings: Much more than funerals

depending on the above

e. Pontifical mass: Conducted by bishop or other dignitary

could break you!

f. Votive mass: Conducted for soul in purgatory, success

in business, safe journey, protection from storm etc.

e. High money, high mass, low money low mass, no money

no mass! Old Irish saying

6. On Purgatory Day, November 2, three masses held, two for

souls in purgatory, one for the pope’s intentions, big money

for church

7. Blanket masses offered by mass societies offer relief

for souls in purgatory for say $10 can get you

multiple masses for soul

C. It’s False Teaching Leads to Sexual Perversion

1. Celibacy of Priests Causes Pedophile/Homosexual Activity-

60% of Catholic Seminary students said to be homo-sexual

2. Celibacy of Nuns Causes Sex Abuse/Secret Abortions

II. The Cults

Definition: A false system of worship which venerates a

man/founder along with perversion of Biblical doctrine

and extra-Biblical deceitful/false writings

A. The Saviour, Salvation and Sin

1. Christian Science: The blood of Christ is not efficient, one sacrifice unable to pay sin debt. Salvation is life, truth and love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all: sin, sickness, and death destroyed. Man is incapable of sin, sickness and death. The real man can not depart from holiness. Sin, sickness, and death are to be classified as error. Evil is unreal. Christ came to destroy the belief of sin. He is the human man while Christ is the divine idea. If there had never existed such a person as the Galilean Prophet, it would make no difference to me. [Founder: Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy]

2. Jehovah’s ’False’ Witnesses: All who by reason of faith in Jehovah God and in Christ Jesus dedicate themselves to do God’s will and then faithfully carry out their dedication will be rewarded with everlasting life. Jesus death bought back perfect human life with all it’s rights and prospects and is available for use on behalf of faithful men, making possible general resurrection for mankind with opportunity for eternal life. The doctrine of a burning hell is untrue. Those supporting Satan at the end of the Millennium will be cast into the lake of fire, they will be annihilated, and have no resurrection. Jesus is not Jehovah God, but the first son brought forth by God merely a created being, and was not raised in the flesh, but with a spiritual body. [Charles T. Russell-Founder of the Russellites/Jehovah’s Witnesses]

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