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Summary: Jesus was amazed by the Roman Officer’s faith as He said;"I have not found so great a faith,no,not in Israel." Let us hear,see,study and live by it this man’s FANTASTIC FAITH. Let us emulate him.

Today’s topic will bring us to what remarkably marvels Our Lord Jesus Christ. He was amazed by the Roman Officer’s faith as He said in verse 9 of Luke 7’s "I have not found so great a faith,no,not in Israel." Let us hear,see, study and live by it this man’s FANTASTIC FAITH. Let us emulate him.

Jesus was right. He have not found such kind of FANTASTIC FAITH in Israel, but let us believe that through TRUSTING in Him and learning from this story that this kind of FANTASTIC FAITH be found in us!

Let me state three points of obtaining a breath-taking awe from our Lord and Savior. I believe that this faith is in this place... In us, with us and through us!


FANTASTIC FAITH esteems other people more than himself. The centurion showed this kind of virtuous faith when Dr.Luke succinctly described the relationship of the sick and dying servant with the man. The New Living Translation Bible said "highly valued slave." The servant was valuable, trusted and honored. It applies the dictum; "what you sow, you reap." Succeeding verses of this chapter shows how this officer was also highly respected by the people as shown by their statements when they approached Jesus in verse 4 "if anyone deserves Your help, it is he..."

He was a good master, therefore, he had a good servant. There was much affection and respect between them, which is a rare thing these days! The Apostle Paul stated in his letter to the Philippians in Phil.2:3"don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. Don’t think only about your own affairs,but be interested in others,too, and what they are doing."(NLT)

How do you treat your children? People who are under your care? Your spouse? Your subordinates in the office. The Laundrywoman? The Janitor. Christian Employers and boss... How do you pay the salary of your employees? Do you give benefits far above their expectations? Romans 12:3 states;"As God’s messengers, I give each of you this warning;Be honest in your estimate of yourselves,measuring your value by how much faith God has given you."

In verse 5, the people even informed our Lord of how benevolent the man was and even built a church for them. He was a friend of the Jews and demonstrated his loved for them by building a show of his love to God and to men. His love was practical and appropriate!

Are you a friend of your family? How about your community? Your work-place? When asked about you... do they sneer at you or are they happily telling good reports about you?

People with FANTASTIC FAITH value others more than their self. They are lovers of God contributing to the work of the Ministry. They are not selfish and are interested to help others. They mentor people to have a character like that of Jesus. They like to help for the growth of individuals. They love people and use things because many people nowadays prefer to love things and new gadgets while using people.


FANTASTIC FAITH knows the value of submission. He superlatively analogized it with the way he submit to his superiors in command. His statement as I understand it is this; "If I, in my subordinate station, am obeyed by my troops, how much more You, who is Superior, and is Over all and Whom the realm of sickness, poverty, demonic oppression, nature serve You as their Master. As I could say ’Go!’to the soldiers in my command, You could say ’Go!’ to any disease,demons,poverty and instantly they would obey You!"

Verse 8 says, "I know because I am under authority of my superior officers,and I have authority over my soldiers. I NEED ONLY TO SAY,’GO’ and they go..."

The Officer was relating Jesus that he was a man of authority under his superior officers and he also had men under his command. In this case, he humbly submitted to Jesus as he highly recognized Jesus as Master over the supernatural world with power to compel obedience over any thing. He was saying, that under Rome he was the authority, but under God, Jesus was the Authority.

He knew the power of the spoken Word. And he utilized it with utmost accuracy to gain the healing of his beloved servant. The centurion knew Who to submit to in times of need, especially the near death encounter of the servant at that moment. He was humbled as shown by his plea to Jesus of "Just say the word from where You are and my servant will be healed."

Isaiah 55:11 says,"It is the same with My Word, I sent it out and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. You will live in joy and peace. the mountains and hills will burst into songs and the trees of the field will clap their hands." Psalm 107:20 also declared it,"He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered(them)from their destruction."

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