Summary: Message 7 from 1 John dealing with refusing to love the world.

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“A Dangerous Love” Pt 1

(Fatal Attraction)

1 John 2:15-17



A. THE MESSAGE: God is Light 1:5


1. Continually walk (live) in the Light 1:6-7

2. Continually confess sin 1:8-10

3. Rely on your advocate 2:1-2

4. Give attention to His instructions 2:3-6

5. Love one another (don’t hate) 2:7-11

6. Keep growing in your relationship with Him 2:12-14

As in any relationship it is possible to grow deeper or more distant.

John assumed that his readers were at varying levels of relationship and addressed them as such.

Each level of intimacy focused on a particular characteristic.

Babyhood – the self centered but hungry level.

Childhood – the awareness of Sonship and forgiveness.

Youthhood – strong in the word, confident and victorious over the enemies attacks.

Fatherhood – more intimate of the eternal nature of God and Christ.

The assumption is that we continue to grow deeper in our relationship with God.

Today we explore a seventh implication of relationship with the God who is light. Failure to break a love affair with the world system becomes a serious hindrance to growth. John warned these believers to beware of a destructive attraction and attachment to the world.

Look at the passage as a whole (only three verses) and then look at the specifics.

First, John pronounced a warning – stop loving the world and its ways!

Second, John presented four specific reasons why we should seriously consider this command.

1. Since the world system is totally incompatible with the nature and will of God, you cannot love God and the world.

2. The world and its ways are not from God.

3. The world and its promises are only temporary.

4. Only the one following God’s will, discovers lasting life experiences here and hereafter.

To best understand this command and apply it we need to explore some basic questions.

What is the world?

What are the things “in” the world? (Desire of the flesh, desire of the eyes, pride of life)

What does love of the world look like?

Why should I avoid this fatal attraction?

How can I break this fatal attraction?

7. Stop loving the World

a) The command “Do not love the world!”

The subject of this command is all believers just described who are at some level of maturity in their relationship with the God who is light and love.

The object of this command is “the world and the things in the world”.

“world” (kosmos)

John used this term 23 times in this letter alone; six times just in these three verses. In all, John uses the term 105 times in his writings. It can be found only 85 times in the rest of the entire rest of New Testament. It literally means “that which is ordered or arranged, adorned”; hence, we get our English word “cosmetics” from kosmos. It communicated the idea of order, adornment, beauty, the universe. Three main concepts emerge from the usage of the word each breaking down into further sub meanings.

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