Summary: This is story for every man, every woman and every child to understand, what a loving and wonderful heavenly Father we have!

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This is story for every man, every woman and every child to understand, what a loving and wonderful heavenly Father we have!

I am glad that the man had two sons and that he dealt with them differently, I am so glad my heavenly Father knows how to deal with me and that He knows how to deal with you!

He goes from give me father, to father make me!

That is the way it should be with us, we should have went from give me, (That’s the heart of every sinner, saved or lost!!) give me Father, to make me Father, make me your servant, make me more loving, make me more forgiving, make me more patient, make more like You!

When he asked for his inheritance, he basically saying, “You are dead to me or I wish you were dead!”

He was more interested in his daddy’s stuff than he was in having a relationship with his father!

You say, that sounds horrible, but the truth is: How many times do we go to our heavenly Father asking for what He can give us, and not being really concerned in having a relationship with Him!

How many times a day do we live our life without Him not concerned or grateful for what He has done for us!

This boy wanted his father dead, and our heavenly Father died for us!!

Gathered All Together-I can’t wait to move out! It is amazing how quick people go from sick of home to home sick!

Far Country-Where is that? Anywhere outside of the father’s house!

Let me tell you, you can go to the far country and never leave the farm…That’s what the older brother did…(But as soon as this son of yours came, who has devoured your livelihood with harlots, you killed the fatted calf for him.’)…He didn’t know what his brother had done with the money, he hadn’t even talk to him, he is just saying what he would have done if he had, had the nerve to leave home.

There are lot of people who would do a lot of bad things, oh, they dream about, they fantasize about, but they don’t want let go of the security that they have, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t left the farm in their mind.

There are so many people who are sittings in pews today but they are so far from where God wants them to be, they have wondered away from God, maybe only in their minds, maybe only in their hearts, but they are still away from God!

He Had Spent All-We spend out time, we spend our energy, we spend our money and question we need to ask are we wasting it, is what we are spending out time, our energy, our money on, is it Glorifying God, is it benefiting the Father?

What we have are wasting it or are we investing it!

And He Arose And Came To His Father-There a lot of people who say to themselves, “I need to get in church!” “I need to start reading my bible more!” but they never do!

They feel conviction and know they need to go to the front at invitation but they don’t!

You know how he got home? He took that first step towards home!!

But When He Was Still A Great Way Off, His Father Saw Him And Had Compassion, And Ran And Fell On His Neck And Kissed Him-Thank God, for father who stands at the gate looking for his son to return home!

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