Summary: Father's day message about leaving the right inheritance to children and grandchildren

Today, we want to celebrate our Dad’s and give thanks for all they do and for who they are

I am very grateful for Godly dads who understand what’s at stake with their children

Dads who have chosen or are choosing the important over the urgent

I hate how Dads are portrayed in TV shows nowadays as the buffoon of the family

I read a proverb a day – have for years – and I read again Proverbs 13 this past week

One verse particularly stood out as I have been thinking about father’s day and if I have been a good father to my children

Our verse today is Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous”


You may not have had a good dad growing up…what do you have to offer now that you’re a Dad?

What kind of inheritance can you leave? That’s what I want to talk about and just tell you from my perspective what I felt I left to my children and grandchildren

Listen, you may not can do anything about your ancestors but you certainly have a huge say in your descendants


DEFINE INHERTANCE – Hebrew means “take as a heritage”

DICTIONARY – something left as an heir – a legacy

Trans: I looked at this verse and I noticed the very first part says A GOOD MAN


How do you define a good man? We know the bible says none of us are good

So the first thing I had to get right was being a good man – but according to the bible – I’m not able to be good!

When I look up the original – the word GOOD means “moral good” – now I’m really in trouble

Jesus said in Mark 10:18 “No one is good but one, that is God”

God got a hold of my life – introduced me to His Son Jesus and what He did for me – I received it – HE MADE ME GOOD!

God’s great salvation made me good – He made me in right standing with Him physically, spiritually, and morally!

So the first inheritance I wanted to give my children and grandchildren was the great salvation that God gave me – God’s Kingdom

John 3:3 “Unless one is born again, he cannot ENTER (inherit) the kingdom of God”

I wanted them and still want them to understand that it is Jesus in my life that makes me a good man – PERIOD. And they need Him and His salvation

God will give them the best inheritance of all – His Kingdom

Acts 20:32 “Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified”

Trans: Notice, I commit you to God (His Kingdom) and to the WORD…so another inheritance I want to leave my children is…


I can tell you that I really love God’s Word – it is the life changing force that can take the vilest of people; people of hatred and make them full of love and grace

When I read about all that God has done and continues to do for me – I can’t help but have a great love for God

I value what God’s Word has done and continues to do in my life – it is the life giving force in which everything else flows out of

Look at this picture of my closet – look at all these different bibles I have (like shoes)

I read, memorize, study, listen to it, and meditate on it…Nothing has influenced my life more than the Word of God

It continues to shape me and mold me – it is the potter’s wheel in which God uses to shape, repair, mend, correct, rebuke, train and instruct my life with

I take it in daily – which is the recommended daily dosage – LOL – and more than once a day most of the time

I want to pass on the heritage of my love for God’s word to my children – I do that by introducing them to it early in life

I do that by making it an important part of our family life – discuss it – search it together – find the jewels tucked below the surface

Trans: With Jesus in me…making me good…with His word changing me from the inside out…the next inheritance I want to leave them is…


The best gift Dads can give their children growing up is to let them SEE that He loves their mother (Ephesians 5 is a great read for husband and wife)

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