Summary: A sermon of how I remember my Father after nearly 50 years


George Crumbly Humphrey UMC

Father’s Day June 18, 2006 AM

Ephesians 6

I guess this is first time that I can remember doing an actual Father’s Day message including my own Dad. I’ve used a message for Mother’s Day including my Mom over the years.

I want to wish each & every Dad a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!! I heard some guys talking one day about the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day:

Father’s Day doesn’t seem to be as big as Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day the attendance is higher at church, mothers often wear corsages, emotions usually run higher, & everybody usually gathers at Mom’s house – all to pay honor to the hands that rock the cradle.

But on Father’s Day the church doesn’t seem to be as full, emotions are not as high, & businesses do not profit as much - all except for the telephone companies, of course. You see, they report that Mother’s Day is the busiest telephone day of the year. But Father’s Day is a big money-maker for them, because there are more collect calls on Father’s Day than on any other day of the year.

Maybe as Father’s we’re not as sentimental about Father’s Day because, after all, most fathers are not as sensitive to children’s needs or alert to sentiment as mothers are.

I heard of a mother who left her room in the maternity ward to go down to the nursery & found her husband staring at his newborn baby. The mother could tell he was captivated by the baby by how intently he stood there looking down at it.

She was so touched that finally she tiptoed up behind him & slipped her arm through his, & said, “Honey, what are you thinking?” He said, “I just can’t understand how they’re able to make a crib like that for only $89.95.”

EPHESIANS 6: verses 1-4

Children, obey your parents in the Lord,* for this is right. 2‘Honour your father and mother’—this is the first commandment with a promise: 3‘so that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.’ 4 And, fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

James Dobson, in his book, “Dare To Discipline,” says, “Good fathers are made, not born.” God has a plan for every Family. As long as we follow that plan things will run smoother. We have to be a part of that plan.

Today I have no complaints of my childhood. I will be 50 years old this September & I can say today that my Mom & Dad both are still married, loving each other & doing things together. I have the same Mom & Dad today that I had September 23, 1956!!

We were not raised in a Christian home (I don’t say that in a bad way). We just weren’t Christian’s .Over the years, even before I was saved I never professed anything that I did not possess. We were not mistreated. We were taught to ALWAYS do right!! We were taught not to mistreat others, to not lie, cheat or steal.

I was in Little Rock Tuesday and I had been praying for the message for today June 18, 2006 here in Humphrey Arkansas. I thought about my Dad. If there was a “one-word” message for today it would be the word “EXAMPLE”.

In his book Dr. Dobson say’s:

Children oftentimes follow in the footsteps of their father. During the earliest years of a child’s life he or she usually spends a great deal of time with the mother. But the passing years bring a change, & father often becomes the example in attitude & action that a child follows. Like it or not, the example that a father sets about God, & the church, & spiritual things will make an indelible impression upon a child’s life. Someone said, “Fathers are followed,” & this is not something that we can just turn over to mother to handle. The father should be a spiritual leader in the home.

I saw a t-shirt one time a man was wearing & it had on the front “I am not a role model”. How so very untrue. Just because you say you are not an example or a role model does not excuse you from being one. We are ALL examples & role models…..the question is what kind are you? You are either a GOOD one or a BAD one, but yes you are an example.

I thought this week about growing up with my Dad. A few things the Lord laid on my heart that pertain to the Example my Dad set for us:

I.HE SET AN EXAMPLE OF PERSISTANCE (continue, last, endure)

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