Summary: Men of faith are rewarded by God. This is a Father's Day sermon.

Father’s Day Sermon

Hebrews 11:6-10

June 2018


Talk about rewards. We all are motivated by rewards. Most rewards are enjoyed here in the earthly realm. Yet, God wants us to pursue eternal rewards. Dad’s, today evaluate what you’re chasing!

Are you focused on hobbies, personal achievements, success in your career?

God wants to bless you as you set your mind on eternal things. Get set, pursue the perfect prize in Christ... He’s more fulfilling than anything this earth promises.

Transition to passage in Hebrews 11:6-10. Start with sharing that ‘Men if faith’ are rewarded by God!

1. Men of faith are rewarded by God. V. 6

Not all men will be rewarded by God. God doesn’t reward everyone.

What do you mean?

First, you have to have Faith in God. God is only pleased by those who believe in him.

Second, draw near to God.

Men, when do you meet with God?

In the morning, in the afternoon, at night?

Get up, get with God In prayer and seek Him.

Third, believe in who God says he is!

Fourth, seekers of God are rewarded.

You won’t find God unless you intentionally seek him, daily!

We must start seeking eternal things, not just the temporal. God created men to lead. He created Dad's to be followed. In our families, all eyes are on Fathers. The habits, the traditions and the legacy you and I need to pass on to our children is one of a seeker of the Almighty. Let your children see you pray. Let your children hear you teach them the scriptures. Let your family know you love them and want them to passionately follow Christ. God will reward this type of man. We need men of faith. These men will be rewarded by God.

2. Men of faith are motivated by godly fear. V. 7

Noah had a healthy fear of God.

God gave Noah an impossible project.

No project like this had ever been assigned.

Ask: Do you think Noah was scared?

Yes, he was scared of disobeying God.

Noah had respect & reverence for God’s Word. Noah’s faith made him obedient to what God said to do.

Noah’s holy fear says, ‘I believe what God has said is going to happen so I better do what God has said to do.’

Noah had an intense faith in God. God had proved himself to be true to Noah, over & over again!

No one had taken on a project like this before. Noah is believed to have lived near the region of the Arabian and Syrian deserts. So it's quite possible that Noah was commanded to build an ark near a desert. Talk about having faith!

And Noah not only needed faith to commit to the project but he also needed to faith to stay committed for the duration. The length of time it took to build the ark isn't specifically stated but there was a 100 year span between the time Noah's first son was born to when he entered the ark.

So since Noah's three sons were grown and had wives it is estimated that Noah may have spent roughly 75 years building the ark. I would say it takes faith to stay dedicated to the impossible for 75 years.

It takes faith to believe that the earth would be destroyed and that two of each animal species would make their way to the ark I've been called to build.

Noah's faith allowed him to believe what would seem like an impossibility. Noah acted on the promise of what was coming. And that's all the evidence he had was God's word; nothing else.

For the entire time he spent building the ark we know of no further revelation or any sign given whatsoever that would lend credibility to God's original declaration. I'm thinking Noah may have had a pretty good idea when God gave him the measurements how long this project would take. 75 years is a very long time to stick with it. 75 years of fighting through people's criticisms; 75 years of being tempted to disbelieve; countless chances to get frustrated and throw in the towel.

Ask: Dads, do you fear God? Do you fear

Him enough to obey?

God wants us to have a reverential fear, not a terror. God is holy and awesome and thus we should fear Him. Our fear of God must result in obedience, otherwise, we're no different than the lost world.

Tell them: Dads, fear the Lord. Your sons future depends on it. Your wife needs a godly leader. Your church needs a man after God’s heart.

Your community needs a righteous man.

Your fear of God is shown through obedience. It changes you, your family, your church, your community & your World!

No big deal.

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