Summary: There is a father shortage in America as many dads have simply gone AWOL.Fathers have left their families, homes, children, bride of their youth literally unmanned.


A There is a father shortage in America as many dads have simply gone AWOL.

1 Fathers have left their families, homes, children, bride of their youth literally unmanned.

a They have deserted their position as head of the home.

aa Between 1960 & 1990, the percentage of children living apart from their biological father more than doubled, from 17% to 36%.

bb The number today is headed toward 50%.

b A fatherless generation has been emerging for sometime in this nation that has created a void in the children and our nation.

aa Led to increase in gangs (Seeking affirmation, protection, attention from Dad.)

bb Led to increase of the gay lifestyle (Some homosexuals men feel that the root cause of their struggles was having no male role model (Father) to affirm them as men.

cc Young, fatherless son w/ no caring male influence can be pushed into seeking affirmation from older males who may take advantage of them through misdirected affections.


B Fatherhood is under attack.

1 Some radical psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, women’s movement have labeled fathers as out dated and unneeded.

a Some fathers have put fatherhood on autopilot, believing mom will raise the kids/the kids will be alright, to pursue bigger paychecks and other idols.

b Yet nearly every study done/research points to the fact that a good father is vital/imperative to the future success of his children.

2 Conversely, if Dad is gone/absent/failed as father then the future of his children is not so bright.

a Those children are more likely to be convicted of a felony, commit suicide, suffer from mental illness, drop out of high school, become a drug addict.

b In fact, the U.S. government spends tens of billions of dollars a year treating the symptoms fatherhood failure. . . the problem isn’t getting any better.

C Whether you’re the president, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the guy picking the trash, your job as the father of your children is the most important job you’ll ever have.

1 It’s the only job you’ll never lose – unless you quit.

a Benefits? It is the only job that promises lifelong benefits, as well as eternal blessings.

aa You see them walking in the Spirit now (Winning!)

bb You are rewarded for your faithfulness in Heaven for eternity (Winning!)

b Nobody on this planet is more qualified (emotionally, spiritually, and physically) to be a father to your children than you!

2 Parents, especially fathers, have the job of forging their kids into links in a chain of our Christian heritage that has been handed down to us to add on to.

a Research has shown that children whose grandfathers and even great-grandfathers were men of commitment, competence and character (ie., good fathers) were more likely to succeed in life.

b We never really die if we have done a good job as fathers.

I Praying blessing upon your children and grandchildren.

A The Bible is crystal clear on the importance of verbally blessing your children.

1 Giving an oral blessing was an overwhelming big deal in the Old Testament.

a Isaac spoke blessings over Jacob & Esau (Gen. 27)

aa He was tricked into giving Esau’s blessing to Jacob.

bb When Esau asked for the blessing Isaac gave Jacob, he couldn’t do it.

b Jacob blessed the two sons of Joseph (Gen. 48), later passing blessings to his own sons (Gen.49)

c Before Moses died he pronounced a prophetic blessing on the tribes of Israel (Deut. 33)

2 To this day, every Friday night in devout Jewish homes, parents & grandparents offer blessings over their children & grandchildren, believing that God has the ability to transfer His favor through their prayers.

a Sabbat begins when the mother lights the Sabbath and offers a prayer of praise.

b Then, with father taking the lead, bless the children in the home.

aa Lay hands

II Laying on of hands

A In the Jewish tradition, hands were (are) placed on the childrens head, shoulders, hands to transfer blessing.

1 The right hand is the hand of blessing (AME/Modern, left hand is for bodily functions; RH was seen as the hand of blessing/ the good hand)

a RH was used for eating; purity, clean.

aa Touch someone with rh, it was a blessing; LH was contempt

bb When a priest was anointed his right ear, right thumb, right great toe was anointed w/ blood (Oil of Blessing, same routine)

b Modern times stills has residue of this ancient tradition.

aa When you extend your right hand you offer peace, blessing, friendship (No weapons, intentions of violence.)

bb Opposite is also true: Don’t shake a person’s hand it is a message of “I’m your enemy, foe, war, curses, intend evil and ill will towards you.”

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