Summary: This sermon will encourage the dads of your congregation for Father’s Day, not roast them... Dads need positive reinforcement on Fathers Day and this encourages dads to be all they can be in Christ.

(Father’s Day gift give away: Tool Time theme. Have men dressed like Tim Taylor and Al Borland present the gifts to dads who win in these categories.)

Gift 1: For the man who never underestimates the power of letting your light shine:

The Borland 1 Million candle power spotlight.

Gift 2: For the dad who understands the importance of keeping a level head: The Borland laser leveler.

Gift 3: For the man who needs the occasional ego booster: The Borland stud finder.

When dad places it on himself and it reads “STUD FOUND” He’ll be delighted!

It’s good to be a man, isn’t it, men? “Why?” you women may be asking?

1: Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.

2: A 5-day holiday requires only one suitcase.

3: When clicking through the channels, you don’t have to stall at every shot of somebody crying.

4: Guys in hockey masks don’t attack you ... unless you’re playing hockey.

5: Michael Bolton doesn’t live in your universe.

6: Car mechanics tell you the truth.

7: You can admire Clint Eastwood without starving yourself to look like him.

8: Gray hair and wrinkles only add character to men.

9: If another guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you just might become lifelong buddies.

10: The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.

That’s why!

? How many know what day of the year are the most phone calls are made on? Mother’s Day.

On mothers day everyone wants to call home and talk to mom…

? Guess what happens on Father’s Day? The most collect Calls.

That’s ok though. Dads like to be needed… It’s all good. What comes around goes around.

Just wait till we’re in the retirement home calling YOU collect all the time, kids…

Father’s Day just doesn’t seem to have a very high priority compared to other holidays, does it?

I went to the post office the other day, to deliver a package. When I got up to the counter I asked the lady there, “So, are you ready for Father’s Day?” She gave me a sideways glance and said, “Sure, I guess…” I had to laugh when I left the post office because it was obvious she didn’t consider Father’s Day to be a very big deal. Most people don’t.

In contrast, Mother’s Day is a huge deal. Forget Mother’s Day and you’ll be in the dog house till Father’s Day… In that case, it’s more like Independence Day. Mothers are highly esteemed on Mother’s Day. As a young boy growing up in church, I remember every Mother’s Day was a salute to Mothers. But on Father’s Day, all the preacher ever did was tell the dad’s what they should be doing right instead of what they have been doing right. It was more like a boot camp than a day to honor dads.

So today, dads, this one’s for you…

Father’s hold a very special place in society… A much higher place than they are given credit for today. For instance, how many of you have seen a commercial that actually makes dads look intelligent lately?

Most commercials cast fathers as the family idiot, who can’t figure out how to take care of the kids alone, how to run a load of laundry or clean the toilets without specific instructions from mom.

American society seems to see fathers as expendable parts of the family unit: as nothing more than sperm donors and dead beats.

In courtrooms, divorced dads hardly have a fighting chance of obtaining custody of their kids, or even being allowed to be a significant part of their kid’s lives, much less have the opportunity to be the spiritual leader of their household.

Sadly, many men today also neglect to see the importance of their role as a father themselves, which is why the term “dead-beat dad” was originally coined. As a result, their kids are growing up in unbalanced and dysfunctional households. In fact 39.6 % of the children in America are going to bed every night without their biological father in the home.

Fathers need to be reinstated to the level of importance that God intended for them! In fact, I’ve seen very strong evidence which points to the fact that the reason American morality and spiritual integrity is at such an all time low is because of the declining value placed on the role of the father in today’s society. When dad is undervalued, so is a right relationship with Abba, our Father in Heaven.

Today, my goal is not to remind our dads of their duties and responsibilities so much as to encourage and remind us all of their importance: the respect and the dignity of the role of a father. Fathers play an extremely important and vital role in our families and in our nation today.

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