Summary: Favor has been given unto you, because of Jesus Christ. Learn how to obtain it-by faith.

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Favor Cometh Text: Isaiah 1:18-20

I heard the story of a secretary who was a single mom. She had lived in rental properties for 15 years, rearing two children on her own and had recently purchased her own home. But the home purchase became a strain.

She went on to explain that her "ex" had recently taken her to court in order to reduce child support, and she had to hire a lawyer in order to avoid an even more difficult financial situation.

Without a moment's hesitation her boss spoke up "What you need is favor?"

"What do you mean 'favor'?" was her response. He said, "There are times when we can ask for favor, just because." The truth is God is a generous Father who loves to give extravagantly to his children, especially single moms.

The boss spoke, "Lord Jesus, favor for Leann.

She asked, "Is that all you have to say?" She said, “Is that all? The boss nodded as if to say 'yes" and left her office to meet with his client.

The next day the secretary was all smiles. She had gone to lunch with a friend. Her friend hired the secretary (knowing her work schedule and demands of being a single mom) to paint the interior of the friend's large house for $1000. Her friend allowed the secretary to paint the house after work and on weekends. It was more than enough money to cover the money stresses. The boss told Leann, "That is what I mean by God's favor."

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. 19 If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land; 20 But if you refuse and rebel, You shall be devoured by the sword”; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

Notice, at the beginning, and ending of these verses there is a small but big word- ‘If!‘ God desires for you to reason with Him. Before I talk about favor- “What is favor?” Favor isn’t an accident, but a deliberate design by God to reward you for acts of obedience invisible to others. Favor is when God causes someone to desire to become a problem solver in your life. Favor is an attitude of goodness toward you. Favor is the willingness, desire and participation of someone to help you advance or obtain something you want.

Listen to the Message Bible in Isaiah 1:18-20TM “Come. Sit down. Let’s argue this out.” This is God’s Message: “If your sins are blood-red, they’ll be snow-white. If they’re red like crimson, they’ll be like wool. If you’ll willingly obey, you’ll feast like kings. But if you’re willful and stubborn, you’ll die like dogs.” That’s right. God says so.

Wise hearts look for opportunities to sow favor!

Listen to Isaiah 1:19 again, If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.

“Favor isn’t a mere miracle, but a reward for faithfulness!”

The first way that favor is unleashed in your life is by, “Your desire for wisdom!”

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