Summary: Favor Produces Envy, When it’s Genuine...

Favor Got Me in It But Faith Will Get Me Out

Joseph young in age 17 with favor

Joseph was favored:

1) By his Father Genesis 37:3

2) By God Genesis 39:2

3) By Potiphar an Officer of Pharaoh 39:4


Sons of Leah - Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun

Sons of Billah – Dan & Naphtali

Sons of Zilpah – Gad and Asher

Sons of Rachael – Joseph & Benjamin

They didn’t hate Joseph because he told them his dream; they hated him because they were from the same seed but not the same womb.

Favor Got Me In It But Faith Will Get Me Out

When God is training and developing you, you have to be conscious of what you hang around, you want to be certain that they are birthed out like you were birthed out.

Made it look like he died with favor

I was birthed out by:

1) Prayer

2) Fasting

3) Word

Genesis 29:10

Rachel was Jacob’s favor

Leah was given to Jacob by trickery on Laban’s part

Out of Jealousy they through Joseph in a pit

Favor Got Me In It But Faith Will Get Me Out

Sold into slavery (the Lord was with him)

Sold to Potiphor (The Lord was with him)

Put into Prison (The Lord was with him)

Mrs. Potiphor Grabbed his garment because the anointing was on him (The Outpouring of God’s Spirit)

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