Summary: Why do we as a people of God, even after he’s proven victorious in our lives time after time, still fear that he can’t do it?

I. Introduction:

In this particular text, what strikes me is that in the previous chapter, Elijah is just coming off of a victory over the Gods of Baal, where God provided for him and allowed victory, yet, even after that, here in chapter 19 verses 1-3, Elijah becomes fearful again because of what Ahab told Jezereel.

Many of us humans I feel do the same thing today, as Elijah did so many years ago... (Elaborate)

So, Why do we have "Fear after victory."?

II. Body: Why do we fear after a victory?

A.) Because we listen to other people too much, & not enough to God.

-19:2-3 Elijah paid more attention to the messenger than to God. This caused him to run and to fear.

-You can’t listen to everything or everybody or anything or anybody that tries to speak into your life!

- You have to watch who you let speak into your space!!

-Talk about false prophecy.

-Not everybody who speaks into your space has your best interest in mind!

-We need to listen to the voice of God more!

B.) Because we don’t think highly enough of ourselves or that, despite what we’ve done that God can use us.

- We have God-esteem issues...

- We don’t think that God can use a wretch like us, but truth be told, he can! Time & time again!

-19:4- Elijah just felt like dying because he couldn’t take it anymore & felt useless!

-You Can’t Give Up on God!

-The bible says, "I have a plan for your life, and that is to prosper you & not to fail you!"


C.) We let our current situations overwhelm us rather than thinking on what God has ALREADY done!

-If Elijah would have just reflected for a breif moment on the last time God did it, and the time before that, & the time before that, he wouldn’t have feared b/c he would have known what God can do!

-If we do the same today we would get the same results!

(Elaborate on point.)

III. Preach The Text:

-Set up scenario & story of text.

-Encourage & exhort the people of God that you don’t have to fear!!

-Supporting texts:

Psalms 23:4

Psalms 27:1

Isiaih 47:1

Romans 1:8

-The same way God did it for you before, he’ll do it again!

-Begin to think of how God has made ways in the past, and begin to think about his goodness, for when I think of the goodness of Jesus!!! Whew! And all that he’s done for me, my soul cries out, "Allelujiah!" So stop fearing, worrying, & losing sleep, & trust that he will get the victory!!

IV. Conclusion:

-Recap points.

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