Summary: With the pandemic of Covid-19 outbreak it is easy to live in fear. I believe the word speaks to us how we should be living during this challenging time.

Fear Factor

Joshua 1:1-1:10, 3:1-3:10



This morning if you would turn to Joshua chapter 1

I want to look at life of Joshua;

Joshua son of Nun- N.U.N. not none n.o.n.e.- that sounds funny- Joshua son of none.

Joshua was thrust into a position of leadership and the outcome of his decisions would affect more than just himself, they would affect a nation.

I said last week that if you wait until you have all the right tools and all the right people you probably will never be of service for the kingdom of God.

One thing I see… is God wants us to walk in faith and sometimes that means that we do not have all the answers to get started.

Anyone know what I am saying?

Joshua was mentored by the great Moses himself. That is a great thing- the negative to that great thing is the man was mentored by Moses… they were big shoes to fill.

Everything you do…that is not how Moses would have done it.

Everything you do measured by what Moses accomplished.

Moses received the commandments on the Mt. Sinai.

Moses experienced the burning bush in the desert.

Moses saw God face to face and lived to tell about it

Moses is getting old but he is still the leader.

Moses is getting old and he is passing his baton.

Moses is not the one told to lead them to the promised land- Joshua is.

Then Moses dies- the mentor is gone and the newbie is in charge.

Deuteronomy 31 ends by saying that they mourned the death of Moses for 30 days, Israel grieved. There was no one like Moses and now Joshua was stepping into those shoes.

“Now Joshua son of Nun was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Moses laid hands on him and blessed him.”

You cannot forget that verse as we read the text this morning- The Lord was with him.

Joshua 1:1-1:9

When we lived in beautiful Hegins, Pa. there was outside of Hegins a place called Deep Creek. About an 8 mile stretch. The problem with Deep Creek there was no Deep creek. Until I knew better, I always would pass there and look for the Deep Creek. If you left North of Hegins, you had to go through Deep Creek to get out.

Anybody feel like to get out of some of the problems we face, we have to go through Deep Creek? Me too

The Lord commands Joshua- Get these people in three days ready to cross the Jordan.

When God puts you into a challenging position, how do you get yourself/others do something that they are afraid of?

In the face of 2020 crisis-

People are a little gun shy and afraid

Countries were closed

All States, cities came to a halt.

Restaurants, beaches, work place modified or closed.

The Global Virus spreading fear and creating chaos.

In the face of a crisis- the same words that were given to Joshua are the same words that we must hold unto.

“Be strong and of Good Courage.”

Those words are great and meaningful only if the person that told you that has authority and power against what you are afraid of.

When you were a kid and crying- someone telling you to stop crying did not work- you did not calm down until you were not longer afraid or the hurt stopped.

These words were given by God Himself to Joshua- He received them from someone who had the authority and who could give him the strength to overcome.

Joshua was instructed to do something bigger than he was but not bigger than his God.

How much faith do you have in your God to see you through your struggles?

Enough to step out of your situation and take a step toward solution?

Joshua had a history of following and trusting the Lord- he was one of the spies that believed God to take the land.

God could trust him because he was faithful with the little things and willing to do the big thing.

Do you remember the last time you experienced a challenging or difficult situation? Maybe you’re in the middle of one right now.

We don’t usually praise the Lord about going through them.

In fact, when trouble comes, we sometimes ask, “Why is this happening?”

Many times, things happen that we simply don’t understand.

Romans 8:28 (NIV) says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

You know when we realize that? When we are through it- at the end not in the beginning.

We can trust that He is with us through every challenge we face, and we are ultimately going to come out stronger in the end.

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