Summary: In the hills there’s a saying, "Only a buzzard would feed on his friends" In the Church we have a saying too, "Faith only conquers Fear. Let’s examine why!


In the last couple of Television seasons, the wave of relality TV has set in. Survivor, Big Brother, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance’ and rated No. 1 last week: Fear Factor!

The NBC program has topped the rating recently because of its level of play has been raised. Sibblings. The brother and sister team of Jennifer and Mitchell Tannis showed the world they could conquer their biggest fear by placing their heads into a Plexi-box built for two filled with hundreds of spiders.

Once inside they would have to rely upon each other as they passed keys back and forth in order to escape from the spider helmet. Season 5: Squid Ink, Tomato Horn worm juice, eel helmet & road kill cafe’.

Wait a minute Pastor, I think I’d rather face eating grubworms or dangling 1200 Ft above the ground by a cable as long as I didn’t have to face the fears I’m dealing with right NOW. And my fears are real and not on TV though you could make a show about each one!

I’ve got good news for you today and it’s not how to save 15% on your car insurance, it’s the assurance God gives to us all as we find ourselves facing our greatest fears in life, whatever they may be. Let’s examine this together!

Main Division

I. God Has Offered His Presence (1-4a)

II. God Offers Us Provision (4b)

III. God Offers His Peace (4c)

IV. God Gives His Promise (5-6)

Conclusion: Got Fear?

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