Summary: A study in 1st Peter

I. Submission to Civil Authority vss. 13-17

A. The command for submission vs.13a

1. Notice the times in which this command is given.

a. Treatment of Christians

b. Nero

2. Submit – place yourself under the authority –see Jeremiah 29.4-14

B. The motive for submission vs. 13b

1. For the Lord’s sake.

2. As you obey the earthly authority, you honor God.

3. Jesus never denounced the Jewish/Roman rulers of His day, He just cried out against their sin. – see Matthew 16:11-12; 23:13-33

C. The extent of submission vss. 13c-14

1. All governments –

a. When would an exception to this command be permitted?

b. Let us apply this to Cuba –

2. Every human institution

a. Family

b. School/teachers

c. Work/employer

D. The reason for submission vs. 15

1. For it is God’s will!

2. Silence the ignorance of foolish men

3. Story of Jack not a good rep outside the church

E. The attitude of submission vs. 16

1. Act as free men – because of the redemptive of Jesus Christ

2. As bondslaves to God

F. The application of submission vs. 17

1. Honor all people

2. Love fellow believers

3. Fear God

4. Honor the King

Matthew 5:14-16

II. Submission in the workplace

A. Notice here it is addressed to Slaves/masters

B. But everything we have discussed applies:

1. The command for submission vs.18

2. The motive for submission vss. 19-21a

3. The extent of submission vs. 18a

4. The reason for submission vs. 20b

5. The attitude of submission vs. 19

6. The application of submission vs. 21

III. Why this passage?

A. God’s will for our lives vs. 15

B. “Some kind of government, however deformed and corrupt it may be, is still better and more beneficial than anarchy” John Calvin (Note 2/3 of the Christians living today are living under some sort of oppressive Gov’t.)

C. This is a demonstration of the Gospel in our lives

D. This is our service to God

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