Summary: People have willingly allowed the government to gain influence and control over almost every facet of their lives, just because of their need to believe in the existence of a higher power who offers them succor and security.

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Federal Control –a Christian’s Reaction.


The young missionary arrived early in the morning at a native village where he was to share the word of God through an interpreter. The fellowship meeting would not take place until the next day so the missionary was given time to get better acquainted with the village and its people. One of the first things they did was walk down to the river and met the fishermen of the village. The young missionary thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the men and through the interpreter he shared with them stories about the Apostles and their fishing adventures with Jesus. After meeting the fisherman, one of the men escorting the young missionary wanted to show him how they trap animals in the jungle. As they set out walking into the jungle the young missionary absent mindedly took his last stick of gum out of his pocket. He unwrapped it and casually threw the wadded up wrapper to the side of the path. Instantly the man who wanted to show him how to trapped animals dove on the wrapper and retrieved it from the weeds along the path. The young preacher felt terrible for what he had done and he instantly apologized for throwing the wrapping alongside the path. The man who had retrieved the gum wrapper simply smiled and motioned for the missionary to continue down the path.

After walking for some distance they came to a clearing. The native led them over to a log that turned out to be hollow. He tore a small piece from the wrapper and laid it shiny side up near a hole in the log. He then slightly wrinkled up the gum wrapper, being careful to leave the shiny side out. He carefully dropped the wrapper through the hole, alongside of which he had laid the small piece of gum wrapper. The native then led them back to the village.

Later that same day the native led the missionary and his interpreter back to the clearing with the hollow log. When they arrived at the clearing a monkey was setting on the log with his hand in the hole. To the missionaries astonishment they monkey seemed to somehow have its hand caught in the log. The native had no problem approaching the monkey and he swiftly dispatch it. At which point the native simply lifted the monkey free from the log. The young missionary was astonished. He clearly saw the monkey was initially trapped but now it was somehow instantly freed … without any effort on the part of the native.

Through the interpreter he asked the native how the money was trapped. The native took a sharp pointed stick and used it to retrieve the gum wrapper from the hollow log. He then placed the wrapper in the palm of the missionaries hand and gently closed the missionaries hand upon the wrapper, thus making a fist. The native said when the monkey did the same thing his fist was too big to pull out of the hollow log, and so he was trapped. The missionary asked why the monkey did not simply let go of the shiny gum wrapper. The native smiled and said: monkey wants what monkey wants … even if it kills him.


Americans Want What Americans Want

Yes, Americans do want what Americans want, even if it kills them. And, what is it Americans seem to want the most? Like all humans they want health, wealth and happiness. But, more than this they want succor and security from some greater power. This desire seems to be hardwired into the human psyche. This is why earthly leaders and kings and governing bodies have forever held sway over the masses. Oh yea, the less benevolent leaders also incorporated the use of force to achieve dominance over the more unruly masses. Still, the majority have discovered that giving people food and assumed protection will pacify them, even when they are being seriously exploited by the government. Today, the American people are rapidly turning to the federal government as their refuge; as their primary source of comfort and protection; as the guarantor of a bright future … as their God if you will. And, the people are allowing the federal government to prepare to use force to achieve its goal of supreme benefactor.

Our nation began as a confederation of states with very strong Christian beliefs. These states created a republic with a form of democratic representation and with a governing body that was strongly influenced by Christian beliefs. Time changes things, however, and today we are a strong federation increasingly ruled by a covert oligarchy, which labors to convince the people they are still a representative democracy. In reality, the rulers of the United States all set atop a two party dictatorship, which is underpinned by a representative democracy that represents the oligarchy and not the people. This is totally acceptable to the American monkeys; because, American monkeys want a very strong central government over them, that they may be like all the other nations. The American monkies wants a strong federal government to take care of them, and to protect them, and to raise their children, and to set moral values for them, and to judge them, and go out before them and fight their battles. (1 Samuel 8) The American monkeys cannot let go of this dream, even when they see themselves being enslaved by the very thing they seek to deify. The American monkeys want what the American monkeys want … even if it enslaves them.

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