Summary: America has turned its back on God.

Feeding the Sheep of GOD's American Flock

As we approach the election in the next few days I feel that with all of the negativity that everyone has been posting about each candidate it is time that someone said something about the one that really matters in all of this. This country has turned its back on the one that can truly help us through all of our troubles. God punished Israel for turning their back on him, and he said that if I will punish My chosen I will also punish other nations also all you have to do is read the book of Jeremiah to see this, but HE also says in Jeremiah chapter 18 verse 8 If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from there evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. The nation is the majority Christian, and as harsh as it may sound we are only Christian in that sometime, somewhere we walked down the isle of a church and accepted Jesus Christ as our savior, and said old boy I got may salvation, I got my ticket I'm going to heaven. We never give another thought to what it really mean to follow Christ but, I am telling you now if we as Christians start living by what Jesus say we can have heaven on earth. Start ready you Bible learn how God really wants us to live. Loving each other not looking at someone who is going without and saying but for the grace of God there go I. And waiting for a church somewhere to start and collection to help the poor and starving if you have the means to help someone help them you can't take you riches with you. Here is the point it doesn't matter who the president or governor or senator or congressman is. If this country doesn't turn back to God and soon we hard headed for captivity. We have to quit being Christians that follow GOD's laws when it is convenient and do our best with the help of Jesus to stay on the straight and narrow. God already know who our next leaders will be and he is going to give us what we deserve. So please if you don't know God thru Jesus it time you did. Don't worry about who is in washington they really can't do anything to help you anyway. GOD Bless

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