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TITLE: Fellowship - What is it?

TOPIC: Fellowship, unity

OCCASION: Burnside Christian Church, September 5, 2010

PROP.: It’s time to fully enjoy the companionship of your church family, because we were never meant to be alone!

INTRODUCTION: I need to ask you a question: What are you doing here? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased as pink punch that you are here. But why?

I mean there are literally dozens of churches to choose from; so why did you end up at Burnside Christian Church?

Is it because we have a contemporary worship service? Is it because we have a great youth program for your kids? Is it because the preacher is so intelligent and spiritual? All of these things are true of Burnside Christian Church…but you can find these things at other churches, did you know that?

Well before I convince you to go somewhere else, I want to remind you why you’re here today. 2 reasons why you are here: You are here at Burnside Christian Church because we preach and teach God’s truth in an uncompromising yet practical way. That is hopefully what got you started coming to Burnside. But you are also at Burnside Christian Church because of FELLOWSHIP.

We are on an ever constant journey to become the church that Jesus desires us to be. The focus for September will be for us to become more committed to fellowship. This month, I am focusing all of my energy, time, effort and creativity into fellowship!

So what is fellowship? I mean if that’s in part, why you’ve chosen Burnside Christian Church over all of the other conservative, Bible believing churches…we better study it.

Here is a definition: “The intimate sharing of our lives together under the rule and reign of Christ."

I have no doubt that the reason you are here is because you have developed some relationships with other believers in this body. You have close knit friendships and bonds with the people you are sitting next to. And that’s AWESOME! Because it’s those tight relationship bonds that will keep you here. EVEN WHEN THERE’S CONFLICT. Even when the preacher is long winded.

But here’s the deal - I want you to have a close knit bond with not only the people you are sitting next to, I want you to have this close knit bond with EVERYONE in the church. And it’s not just my desire - it’s God’s desire!

And maybe you’re like, “Well I’m doing pretty good at that!”

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself to gauge your level of tight knit bonds…

1. Do you know the names of at least 90% of your church family?

That’s 9 out of 10 people here today. How would you do with that?

2. Do you interact with people from church more than just on Sundays?

Bible studies? Meals? Movies? Games? Do you call people up and just hang out during week?

3. Do you have at least 5 church friends you can call on if you needed something?

When tragedy strikes or when you have a problem that needs fixing at your home, do you have at least 5 church people you can call RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW?

So how do we promote “The intimate sharing of our lives together under the rule and reign of Christ."

One thing that we have done in the past that has helped promote fellowship - is CIRCLE 8 GROUPS. Raise your hand if you were involved with the circle 8 groups in the past? Ok good. Then you know what to expect. But for those who might be new, I want to tell you what these groups are all about…

We will form groups of no more than 8 people (this can be couples and singles)…once you sign up, we will randomly assign you to be in a group. These groups will meet 4 times with people in the group taking a turn to fix and host a meal in their home. If there are two singles in the group, those two singles can fix the meal together in one or the other’s home.

The only thing spiritual will be a prayer that said before eating the meal. This will be an effective way to get to know people in this body on a deeper level. You will get to see where they live, eat food they’ve prepared and talk about small stuff. If this is confusing, don’t worry, those who sign up will get a letter explaining all of this in great detail.

But have you ever wondered why fellowship seems to include food? It’s because when you eat you are the most relaxed. Fellowship doesn’t ALWAYS include food. Fellowship doesn’t always have to be a bible study. Fellowship is intended get beyond the surface and develop deeper, more trusting relationships within this body of believers known as BURNSIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

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