Summary: Outline showing prayer priorities,prohibitions and practices

I. (15) Biblical Reasons Why We Must Be A Praying People

(Prayer Priorities)

1. Praying was God’s Past Purpose for His People (Exodus 19:6)

‘And ye shall be unto Me…’

2. Praying is God’s Present Purpose for His People

(I Peter 2:5, 9)’Ye are…a kingdom of priests…’

3. Praying is God’s Future Purpose for His People

(Revelation 20:6)’They shall be priests of God…’

4. Praying was God’s Priority for His Apostles (Acts 6:4)

’We will give ourselves to prayer…’

5. Praying is God’s Priority for His Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26)

’The Spirit itself maketh intercession…’

6. Praying is God’s Purpose for His Son (Rom 8:34; Heb 7:25)

’Christ also maketh intercession…’

7. Praying is God’s Pointed Command to His People

a.‘Men ought always to pray (Luke 18:1)

b.‘Continuing instant in prayer (Romans 12:12)

c.‘Praying always with all prayer’ (Ephesians 6:18)

d.‘Continue in prayer’ (Colossians 4:2)

e.‘Pray without ceasing’ (I Thessalonians 5:17)

8. Praying is God’s Pattern for Revival (II Chronicles 7:14)

’If My people…shall humble…and pray…’

9. Praying brings God’s Power for Revival (Acts 2; 4:33ff)’And

when they had prayed the place was…’

10. Praying fulfills God’s Eternal Purpose (Ephesians 3:10,11)

’Might be known by the church the manifold’

11. Praying was God’s Purpose for His House (Mark 11:17)

’My house shall be called a house of prayer’

12. Praying Provides Personal Experience with God (Acts 4:33ff)

’And when they had prayed the place…’

13. Praying is Necessary to Bring About the Will of God (Daniel 9)

14. Praying Produces the Miraculous Intervention of God

(I Kings 18:36-38)

15.Praying Results in Bringing Glory to God (I Kings 18:39)

II. (7) Biblical Hindrances to Effective Praying (Prayer Prohibitions)

1.Allowing Known Sin in Your Heart (Psalm 66:18)-Allowing secret

sins,petty jealousy, carelessness, lustful passion/porno/

questionable habits, excusing questionable sin stops heaven &

shuts ears of God! The Sins of Omission: Spontaneously Praising God

Prayerlessness, Spirit-led witnessing, Intercession

2.Disregarding the Word of God (Proverbs 28:9 ’He that turns

away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be

an abomination.’)-Disciplined Reading, study, memo/meditation,

singing psalms & hymns & spiritual songs, teaching & preaching

(John 15:7)

3.Asking Selfishly (James 4:3 ’Ye ask and receive not because ye

ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.’)-Rolls

Royce-wealth-position-possessions-people/unsaved husband etc.

4.Lacking in Faith (Mark 11:24’When ye pray, believe that ye

receive them and ye shall have them’-(Heb 11:6) ‘Without faith it

is impossible to please God’-No Active Expectation of Answer,

5.Harboring an Unforgiving Spirit (Matthew 5:22ff; Mark 11:25

‘When ye stand praying, forgive…’)

6.Allowing Idols in Your Heart (Ezekiel 8:7-18)Tradition,

People, Hobbies, Money, TV, Self, Busy-n’s

7.Continuing in Wrong Relationships

(I Peter 3:7- ’Giving honor to the weaker vessel that your

prayers be not hindered’)

III. (3) Biblical Principles of Confession (Prayer Practices)

1. Understand: (2) Purposes of Confession: (Daniel 9:13)

A. To turn from iniquity (cleansing)

B. To understand the truth (counsel)

2. Be Thorough:(8) words used to describe and confess Daniel’s

sin and sins of the people (Daniel 9:5-11)

3. Be Contrite: Opens opportunity for repentance which is a work

of the Holy Spirit (Psalm 51)


‘When the church substitutes machinery for prayer the devil laughs’


While preaching he always had (30) men praying in basement beneath the pulpit!

Harold Martin:

‘The normal Christian life should be a life of regular, daily answer to prayer’

Matthew 6-Lord’s Prayer: ‘Give us this day…’

1.Daily bread,

2. Daily forgiveness

‘Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.’(Jeremiah 33:3)

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