Summary: Hells fire is being unleashed like never before, how will the church respond? (With fire)

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Exodus 7:10-12 So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did what the Lord had commanded them. Aaron threw down his staff before Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a serpent! [11] Then Pharaoh called in his own wise men and sorcerers, and these Egyptian magicians did the same thing with their magic. [12] They threw down their staffs, which also became serpents! But then Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs.

There is a word Jumping in my Spirit today: It’s just one word (FIRE).

If someone were to run into this house right now and yell (FIRE) The whole atmosphere would change, hearts would race, eyes would open wide, no body would just sit there, we would all be looking for the exits wondering where the fire is at. Somebody would run for the fire extinguisher.

I know that’s a little graphic, but it’s a fact and every bit of that activity would be natural and understandable. Because your life could be in danger.

But I want to preach to you today about a fire we don’t want to run from, and we’re not looking for a fire extinguisher and we’re not looking for the exit signs: I’m talking about a Fire we need to be crying out for. (I’m talking about the Fire of God) The Fire of the Holy Ghost.

John said: The one who is coming after me is mightier than I and when He is Come, He will baptize you with the HOLY GHOST and FIRE.

What we're seeing in this text is a power confrontation: The power of hell versus the power of God. (Or hell versus heaven! Or the fire versus heavens fire)

I am compelled to tell you today: The church of the Lord Jesus Christ must catch FIRE.

There is an Unholy Satanic demonic Fire that is being unleashed in the earth today (And the sleepy, sloppy, passive, halfhearted slumbering half baked church and church members aren’t qualified to deal with it)

It’s going to take a Holy Ghost Fire Baptized church that can pray heaven down and cast hell out.

Hell is on Fire: The devil is sending his fire out against the church. In otherwords (the snakes are coming out of the woodpile) they're coming out of hiding.

And I’m telling you that a bunch of wet blankets won’t put it out.

(You’ve heard the old saying: You’ve got to fight fire with fire) Well it’s true (There’s nothing less than the fire of God that can put out hells fire).

Even Shakespeare spoke of this fire against fire

Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire; Threaten the threatener and outface the brow Of bragging horror

You say: Pastor you’re laying it on pretty thick aren’t you, (surely it’s not that bad.)

(Friend)You must be kin to rip van winkle who fell asleep and woke up 20 years later and thought everything was the same as when he fell asleep.

Yes It is that bad: And any Pastor any leader any shepherd that does not sound the fire alarm to his or her sheep and to anyone who will listen is failing in their call and (is inviting disaster).

When witches are banding together and calling for the country to join them in casting spells hexes and curses against the president and the Supreme Court: WE have a problem and it's not just a disagreement of political parties! It's spiritual warfare.

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