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Summary: We need to start Checking our Spiritual Tanks

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Filling Our Tank With The Spirit" Ephesians 5:15-5:21

What do you do when your gas gauge starts to get low?

• I know this sounds like a pretty simple question

• But when we think about it we really have two options

• First we can stop at the next gas station and get gas

• Or we can try and make it to where we think gas is cheaper

• Now I make a lot of trips back and forth to Lincoln

• And I know from expierience that the gas at the Loves travel Plaza at exit 108

• Is a lot cheaper than gas anywhere around here

• So if I have at least a ¼ tank when I leave Franklin

• That’s where I try and make it to before I stop to get gas

Now most of us have done this at least once

• We either want to save a couple of cents

• Or we don’t want to be inconvieneced by stopping when we are in a hurry to get somewhere

• Or maybe we forgot our wallet or check book

• But for whatever reason we are now on a mission to make it to a certain location

• And we’re driving on fumes.

As we drive we constantly watch the gauge and wonder it we’re gonna make it

• We start thinking about running out of gas and all the problems that go along with it.

• And if we do run out we find ourselves sitting on the edge of the road

• Asking ourselves “Why didn’t I just stop and get gas earlier?”

Now it’s a whole lot simplier today than it used to be

• Ttoday we have things like cell phones, and we can text,

• Not to mention that fuel injection on cars allows them to get a whole lot better gas milage.

But BC that’s before cell phones we were left with 3 choices:

You have to walk to the nearest house and ask for help.

You had to go on a search for a pay phone.

You have to walk to the next station.

And once you had the gas and put it in the tank you had to

• Save some to pour in the carburetor,

• Which meant removing the breather.

• And then hoping it would start before it blew up.

But if you were lucky enough to make it to the filling station

• You were relieved

• And when you got back in the car and starting driving

• You starting getting cocky and thinking to yourself, “I knew I could make it!”

Well this is what sometimes happens to Christians

• People sometimes get just a little too cocky with their Christian life

• And they let their Spritual tanks run low.

Now if you find this happening to you lately

• Then I’m here today to be your gauge

• And to warn you that you better be filling up.

Now The first warning I want to give you this morning is that I’m probobaly gonna step on some toes,

I will probably offend a few people,

And I might even make a few people mad.

I’ve done it before and as God as my witness I know I’ll do it again

But you what, that’s exactly what God wants me to do.

• I’m not saying that God wants me to make people angry

• He just wants me to be their gauge and tell it like it is.

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