Summary: reasons for discontentment in life and how to find contentment

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Finding Contentment in Life

At one time Howard Hughes was the richest man in the world. All he ever really wanted in life was more. He wanted more money, so he parlayed inherited wealth into a billion-dollar pile of assets. He wanted more fame, so he broke into the Hollywood scene and soon became a filmmaker and star. He wanted more sensual pleasures, so he paid handsome sums to indulge his every sexual urge. He wanted more thrills, so he designed, built, and piloted the fastest aircraft in the world. He wanted more power, so he secretly dealt political favors so skillfully that two US presidents became his pawns. All he ever wanted was more. He was absolutely convinced that more would bring him true satisfaction. Unfortunately, history shows otherwise. He concluded his life emaciated; colorless; sunken chest; fingernails in grotesque, inches-long corkscrews; rotting, black teeth; tumors; innumerable needle marks from his drug addiction. Howard Hughes died believing the myth of more. He died a billionaire junkie, insane by all reasonable standards. (Bill Hybels in Leadership, Vol. X #3 Summer, 1989, p38).

In spite of his example, many continue in their ever-consuming pursuit of more. As a result, we have TV shows where people go hungry, lie, and backstab to win a prize; others eat insects and lay in tubs of snakes. Some people work themselves into early graves, while others accumulate strangling debt. Today, Americans owe $400 billion on their credit cards.

Why, in spite of having a higher standard of living than the majority of the people in world; why, in spite of enjoying many luxuries that previous generations never even dreamed of, are so many in America, discontent? Why is it, that so many believe that they simply must have more? I believe the Bible reveals 3 primary reasons we are discontent.


1. Some people are seeking the WRONG THINGS

Matthew 6:19-21

In these verses Jesus warns about making earthly things, earthly treasures a priority. My friends, earthly treasures will never bring happiness. If your desire is a nice house, there is always someone with a bigger one. If your desire is a nice car, it will only wear out and get old. If your priority is beauty, it will soon fade. If your priority is wealth, it can be lost and even if it isn’t, you will find that if wealth is a priority to you, you will never have enough. Solomon tried all the sensual pleasures and all the material goods the world had to offer and in the end he declared, “It’s all vanity!”

Why are so many discontent? Some are discontent because they seek the wrong things. Some are discontent because they listen to the wrong leader.

2. Listen to the WRONG LEADER – v24

Verse 24 says no body can serve 2 masters. My friends, you only have 2 choices in who will run your life. Either Jesus will be your Boss, or you will try to while the Devil secretly whispers directions in your ear.

If you remember, just before Jesus began His earthly ministry, He went into the wilderness where He fasted and prayed for 40 days. At the end of that time, the Devil came and tempted Him 3 times.

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