Summary: #2 of 8 Narnia teachings. Geared to help you draw out and apply the powerful scriptural truths found in C.S. Lewis’ classic: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

This sermon uses a “tour guide” to take your listeners through the Land of Narnia. My wife, Sandy, dressed as a typical tour guide with a winter coat & hat. I began the teaching with a review of the 3 major points shared in our first week’s teachings…only to be ‘interrupted’ by the Narnia tour guide.

Marty: Are you ready to continue our journey to Narnia?

Sandy interrupts. (Comes in from the back)

Welcome to Narnia....I’m your tour guide for your trip.

Are you ready to go? Make sure you stay seated & keep your arms & legs inside the train. Caution...You are about to enter a land where it is always WINTER, but NEVER CHRISTMAS.

SLIDE ONE: Pictures of Narnia


As you remember from last week, Narnia is a land that came from the imagination of C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis had what many would call a biblical imagination. Lewis loved fantasy. In fact it was through reading fantasy that Lewis’ faith journey began. So it is no surprise that his Christian beliefs, actually Christian truths pushed their way into his stories. His theology was part of him so it became part of what he created. For him there is always a story within the story. So he created Narnia.

These stories began with images. The first one was of a faun carrying an umbrella with parcels under his arm. This image was first seen in his mind when he was just sixteen years old. It was decades later when he began the work of imagining the rest of Narnia.

SLIDE TWO: MAP of Narnia

Narnia, a country where Aslan is king of all creatures, where there are talking beasts, fauns, satyrs, giants, and waking trees.

Narnia is a valley country extending from the Lantern Waste in the west to the capital of Cair Paravel which lies on the shores of the Great Eastern Ocean. We start our tour from the Lantern Waste area and will travel through out this land going all the way to the Stone Table and back to the west to end our tour.

SLIDE THREE: The Lamp Post

The first stop in Narnia for all visitors from earth is the Lamp Post. No one knows how long it’s been here. But it has always served as the starting point for visitors such as yourself.

The Lamp Post is a landmark to remember.

A Reference point between our world and Narnia.

The light between our world and Narnia.

God’s word is just like the Lamp Post. A reference point between heaven and earth.

For Lucy. Went further and further into the wardrobe because she was drawn by a light. The Lamp Post drew her from our world into Narnia.

God’s word draws us from our world to Him. God’s word serves as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

When we are lost, we go back to God’s word for our reference point.

Because Narnia is big, one can get lost in it. Therefore it is very important to familiarize yourself with this setting. In case you get lost always come back to the Lamp Post.

SLIDE FOUR: The Beavers Home

Second Stop: Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s House.

This is a holy stop. It is a place that is hidden, a refuge.

You can always find a friend at the Beaver’s house. Mrs. Beaver has the gift of hospitality. She keeps a cozy place, warm, food cooking on the stove. Comfort for all who enter.

It is in this house that the four Pevensie children first learn of Aslan and the prophecy surrounding him and them. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver reveal the prophetic reason why the four are here in the first place. God always releases information, the prophetic voice before He does something big.

There is always a Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s house in your journey. A place of prophetic awareness that there is something bigger than you that is going on.

As they sit around their table the children learn from Mr. and Mrs. Beaver that their arrival in Narnia is seen as the fulfillment of prophecy – a sign that Narnia’s long – awaited deliverance is near. They learn about Aslan and what their roles play in this deliverance.

Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight, At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death, And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.

By golly, I am beginning to get a bit warm. How about you? I wonder what change is taking place here? (unbutton coat.)

SLIDE FIVE: The Witch’s Castle

The Third Stop: The Witch’s Castle

Beware. This may be the most beautiful place in Narnia from a distance.

Take a good look. Large and imposing. Can you see all the statues? But beauty is only skin deep.

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