Summary: Have you ever wanted to experience God fresh and new? God shows up up at times you don't expect so you have to be prepared and ready to be sensitive to identifying God doing a new thing

Finding God in the wilderness

Exodus chapter 3


Last week as I came to this pulpit, there was a medical emergency and Norma almost lost her life. She was one step from CPR and I believe is a miracle to be here this morning. The lesson of last week service was God still does miracles and God still cares what is going on in our lives. Even when we feel like we are in the wilderness and things are overwhelming.

This morning if you would turn to Exodus chapter 3, we are going to look at Moses encounter with God.

Moses was doing his own thing, living life as best he could and God shows up and it becomes a God thing.

Anyone here this morning come expecting a God thing?

Anyone here want to experience God fresh and new?

As we get closer to the cross- reflecting and looking to the cross, we will see that we have to follow Jesus to the cross.

We cannot experience the cross of Christ from a distance.

Because it is a journey, we are blessed as we come to the cross and we are blessed as we reach out and experience the cross.

You determine, wither you want to see it from a distance or experience it. Most will keep their distance but some will be blessed and experience it.

Most people are in a rut, and what I mean by that is they live day to day fighting to get out of life trials, few live in the moment of experiencing God and the ones that do are accused of being holy rollers, fanatics, out of touch, or even hypocrites because when they see things displeasing to God, they actually bring them into the light of God and want to make a change.

One person has said that a rut is a grave with the dirt kicked out of it- Most live there their whole lives- Some want more!

Moses life was not easy

Born a Hebrew child and raised as an Egyptian prince.

Floated down a river at birth and didn’t even realize the sacrifice made for his life until he was older.

As a young adult fought for the life of a Hebrew, and became on the run of the Egyptians and not trusted by the Hebrews.

That’s the quick version- most of us have a story to tell and a story to share with those we encounter everyday.

We pick up his life as a sheep herder for his father-in-law Jethro

We all want that Aha moment when it comes to God- Am I right?

We want to experience God and we want to know that what we experience is truly him.

Turn to Exodus chapter 3:1-12

Gods plan was to punish Egypt, deliver the Israelites, and bring His people to the Promised land.

God punishes sin, wants to deliver his people and bring them to their eternal home of heaven.

Great leaders of God’s people are often those who have lived out life experiences and then serve God though them. Repeat

Great leaders for God are often those that want justice and righteousness in the world and God uses their passion to do it.

God, (Yahweh) initiates the special relationship with Moses.

Moses was commissioned to lead God’s people from the wilderness of sin and the mountain of God. (He was on the back side of the dessert)

He is minding his business and the angel of the Lord gets his attention. (Bush burning)

Moses goes to investigate- (see why it does not burn up) God gets his attention.

God speaks to him from the bush (Initiates the relationship)

God calls him by name- Moses, Moses- twice to get his attention (Urgency)

Here I am- (Response) readiness to answer the person that called.

Yahweh sets a boundary- do not come any closer-

God’s holiness- Do not come any closer- This is holy ground.

Moses dare not move closer because even the ground is now holy

Take off your sandals- humility, submission, respect.

God identifies himself- God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The same God who his ancestors worshipped.

Moses recognizes who he is talking to and hides his face because he knows death comes to those who see the face of holy God.

The commission of Moses 7-10

I see the Egyptians oppression on Israel

I see and hear the cry of the people of Israel

I am sending you to bring my people out of Egypt.

Everything was good until God says Moses you are the person to bring these people out of oppression and you are the one to step up to the plate and make a difference.

Moses raises two objectives-

Inadequacy of being a leader

Authenticity of an encounter with God

The same excuses people use today why they cannot do what God has asked them to do-

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