Summary: Part 9 in a series in Psam 119

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Finding Good in Adversity

Part 9

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: May 11, 2003 P.M. Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Psalm 119: 65-72


As I looked and studied this 9th section in the 119th chapter I am reminded of the story of a man that went through great adversity: A man reported this accident when he was trying to be helpful and do his job.

“When I got to the building I found that the hurricane had knocked off some bricks around the top. So I rigged up a beam with a pulley at the top of the building and hoisted up a couple barrels full of bricks. When I had fixed the damaged area, there were a lot of bricks left over. Then I went to the bottom & began releasing the line. Unfortunately, the barrel of bricks was much heavier than I was; and before I knew what was happening the barrel started coming down, jerking me up.

I decided to hang on since I was too far off the ground by then to jump, and halfway up I met the barrel of bricks coming down rather fast. I received a hard blow on my shoulder. I then continued to the top, banging my head against the beam and getting my fingers pinched and jammed the pulley. When the barrel hit the ground hard, it burst its bottom, allowing the bricks to spill out.

I was now heavier than the barrel. So I started down again at a high speed. Halfway down I met the barrel coming up fast and received severe injuries to my shins. When I hit the ground, I landed on the pile of spilled bricks, getting several painful cuts and deep bruises. At this point I must have lost presence of mind, because I let go of my grip on the line. The barrel came down fast-giving me another blow on the head and putting me in the hospital.

I respectfully request sick leave.”

This is a story of adversity; but with hope of time off.

The psalmist has had disappointments and discouragements but as he sees it, even though everything is not like he wants it to be, he is learning to find good in adversity.

My friend, you and I must come to understand this because we will all experience adversity. Hard times will come; disappointment will come; and when it arrives it will wear you down. Adversity saps the energy from us and will eventually leave us ineffective.

The psalmist tells us that adversity is good if it draws us closer to God.

As we search and feed on God’s Word we will find good in adversity.

In this section of Scripture the psalmist tells us of the …

I. Consistency of God’s Word

The Word of God is consistent in…

A. Its intent

“You have dealt well with your servant”

1. Even when things are seem to be going wrong, God is in control.

2. He is still good and He is still working.

3. The greatest example of this is the life of Joseph.

4. He was the favorite of his father receiving the coat of many colors. He told his family of the dream he had of his brothers serving him. They became jealous of him and sold Joseph into slavery. He was tempted by his master’s wife who tried to seduce him then had him put in prison for some 12 years.

5. But God had a plan and purpose. After prison he became the prime minister of Egypt and saved the nation from starvation during a famine. When his brothers came to Egypt to obtain food, he helped them without revealing who he was.

6. At times God’s Word may be strange to us, but it is totally dependable.

7. God is going to be true to His word in our lives.

Scripture is also consistent in…

B. Its integrity v. 65b “according to Thy Word.”

1. Everything God does is consistent to His Word.

2. His character is always consistent with His Word.

3. God is fully trustworthy.

If we are to find good in adversity we need to come to the understanding and come to accept the consistency of the Word of God.

II. Conclusions of God’s Word

1st the psalmist makes a…

A. Declaration v. 66

1. He declares he accepts God’s commandments.

2. When we believe someone we are ready to listen to them.

3. The psalmist says I believe God and now I am ready for instruction.

4. I believe that is the problem with many Christian today we don’t totally believe God and that He knows what is best for us.

Then the psalmist speaks of…

B. Defiance v. 67 “Before I was afflicted I went astray; but now I have kept Thy Word.”

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