Summary: May people find Jesus in your decisions, language, devotions, kindness and compassion

Sermon - “Finding Jesus” Luke 2:1-10

I. Mary’s Story

II. The Search Continues

A. Introduction - Scholars

B. Our Search

1. Like the Jew

2. In Our Everyday Life

3. Finding Jesus

C. Others Search

1. Where Will They Find Him?

2. Can They Find Him in You?

III. The Challenge

A. Let Jesus Ever Be Present in Your Life

1.In Your Decisions

2. In Your Language

a. Language that is pleasing to God


3. In Your Devotions

4. In Your Kindness and Compassion

B. You are the Light, the Star leading others to find Jesus

My name is Mary. I live with my husband, Joseph and my son, Jesus in Bethlehem. Bethlehem means the “House of Bread.” In God’s will nothing happens per chance by accident I wonder why God chose Bethlehem the house of bread, the bread of Life for the birth place of his son. I’m sorry perhaps I am getting just a little a head of myself.

You see it was almost three years ago that an angel appeared unto me. His name was Gabriel. He told me that I had found favor with the Lord and that the Lord was with me. I was troubled, what kind of greeting was this from an angel.. Gabriel said “Do not to be afraid” that I would conceive a son and was to name him Jesus. Gabriel told me that the Holy Spirit would come upon me and the power of God would be with me. And I would be with child, Jesus, the Son of the Most High, God’s son and He would reign over the house of Jacob forever! I would bear the Messiah, the one we, the Jews, had been waiting for was to come to the world through me a lowly peasant girl.

I was frightened and overjoyed at the same time. My spirit rejoiced, my soul soared. The Lord my God had found favor with me the lowliest of his servants. I had been blessed beyond measure. God love and mercy had been showered down on me. And then I remember Oh my How would I ever explain this to Joseph. Joseph, sweet loving Joseph, we weren’t even married and here I was with child, not just any child but God’s child and then I remembered Gabriel’s and I was comforted. God was with me! An angel appeared unto Joseph and calmed his fears. And he married me in spite of all the gossip.

You would have thought the whole world would have noticed I was carrying God’s son. Joseph said I just glowed. He said I was beautiful even though I felt I was as big as a cow. And then when I thought I could no loger move about Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. Everyone was to go to their own town to register. Joseph was from Bethlehem so we had begin the journey here. Ohh, I can still remember that donkey ride, me nine months pregnant. I thought the journey would never end. My back and legs, not mention other parts, ached from the constant jostle of the donkey.

When we got to Bethlehem it looked like everyone and their brother was there. Everything was so crowded. Joseph tried to find us a place to stay but there was no room, not even in the Inn. We knew the time for Jesus’ birth was near so Joseph begged the innkeeper for a place to stay. The innkeeper graciously allowed us to stay in his stable with the animals. And now I who looked like a cow was staying with the cows.

There could have been no more glorious a place. The glory of God shown all around as Jesus was born. The beauty of God’s presence humbled us as we looked upon the small delicate, glowing face of the Messiah. God’s son had been born! The Messiah had come! The presence of God seemed to shout out with jubilation and yet no one seemed to notice or at least at first. And then shepherds came. The stared in awe at the child, at Jesus. They bowed down and worship Him, tears of joy flowed from their eyes as they told us about a host of angels that had descended upon them proclaiming the good news of Christ’s birth. They had been seeking the Messiah and they had found him here in the stable in Jesus.

Jesus, sweet little Jesus boy. I know all mother’s say it but Jesus truly was the most beautiful baby in the whole world. Oh, how I adore him. And he is growing so much! How I love to just sit and watch him sleep. His smile exudes peace, love. When I look at him I see the God. And when we went to the temple even Simeon and Anna could see that Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise of our Sovereign Lord. And yet all of Bethlehem, all of Judea couldn’t see it. They were looking for the Messiah and he was right there in front them.

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