Summary: Everyone wants a little joy

“Finding Joy” - ending =Something to Believe In

John 2:1-11

SOMETIMES, it seems like we are running on “empty” … AMEN? There are times when we lose our “joy”.

I brought some “joy” with me this AM. (Do not tell it is a bottle of JOY detergent, an Almond Joy, a Joy Stick).

Offer Joy to anyone who would come take it.

Give Detergent

Offer again.

Give almonds. Not the same as the goods; the almond joy. Its just nuts.

Joy stick. Give out stick from outside. Hook up joystick game to projector. Ask what seems to have more joy?

Maybe you are here this AM, and you’ve lost some of your “joy”. Something is bothering you … troubling you. You’ve got a worry that just won’t go away. You’ve been disappointed, hurt, or grieved. You’re running on empty. You’ve lost your “joy”.

John is going to tell you how Jesus restored “joy” to those who attended a marriage celebration in Cana. Jesus can do the same for you here this AM.

TEXT: John 2:1-11

How can Jesus restore your “joy”?


“third day” – 3 days earlier, Jesus had just called His first 5 Disciples to follow Him. It wasn’t very long until the 6 of them were invited to a marriage celebration in Cana.

“marriage” – Jewish weddings lasted for a whole week.

It began with a parade, when the father of the bride would bring his daughter to the groom’s house. The whole town would join in on this parade … it was a huge celebration. When they got to the groom’s house, the marriage ceremony would take place at the front door.

THEN … the feast began … which lasted for 7 days (paid for by the groom’s family). There was no honey-moon … they had an “open house” for a week … lots of food, wine … a week-long party.

Jesus liked social events … He liked being around people, and parties … He liked having a good time. Jesus was a much sought-after dinner guest. He was the life of the party. People were comfortable around Him. Jesus was even once criticized by the Religious leaders for His love of life and people. Listen to their unjust accusations. Matthew 11:18-19 - "For John (the Baptist) came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ’He has a demon!’ [19] (But) "The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ’Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax-collectors and sinners!’“.

Jesus brought JOY to people’s lives that’s what happens when you are where Jesus is.

LESSON: The further away you are from Jesus in your spiritual life, the further away you are from the fullness of joy. The closer you are to Jesus, the more joy you will experience.

Psalm 16:11 – “You have made known to me the path of life;

you will fill me with joy in your presence,

with eternal pleasures at your right hand..”

Neh. 8:10 – “for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

If you’ve lost some of the “joy”, you need to spend some time around Jesus.


2:3 - Mary went to Jesus with a PROBLEM … “They have no wine”. This was a very serious thing to happen in a Jewish wedding feast. The groom’s parents were responsible to make sure there was enough wine to last the whole week. For some unknown reason, they ran out. We don’t think of this as too big a deal, but in that day, it could ruin a families reputation forever … they could even be sued!

It was a DISASTER. CARLS JR =no burgers?!

Weddings usually have something go wrong … that’s what makes them interesting!

I did sound for one where a kid pulled the fire alarm in the middle of it. I did one wedding where the Bride was 45 minutes late. At one wedding, we forgot to light the center unity candle ahead of time. That’s what makes weddings interesting!

The mood changed at this wedding. The JOY was gone (wine is a symbol of “joy” in the Bible). You could feel the tension in the air. The wedding feast was about to become a DISASTER. Mary came to Jesus with the problem.

LESSON: Jesus is interested in your every need. If it’s important to you, it’s important to Jesus.

If you’ve lost your sense of JOY … if you’ve got a problem that you can’t solve … JESUS CARES. Go to Him, because He wants to bring back the “joy” in your life.

2:4 – On the surface, this seems like a rather HARSH statement from Jesus to His mother Mary. Ladies, what if you told your son to carry out the garbage, and he told you, “Woman, what have I to do with thee? Mine hour is not yet come.” I think your son would soon realize that his hour HAD come … and he’d better take out the garbage … NOW!

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