Summary: Guess what? It is not the will of God that each one of us be at the top. In fact, most of us will find our place of ministry somewhere down the list. Don't fight it. Be the best at where God has placed you.

What to do when you are only Number 2.

John 1:40

40 One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. (KJV)

40 Andrés, hermano de Simón Pedro, era uno de los dos que habían oído a Juan, y le habían seguido. (RVG04)

I. A Difficult Position

II. A Determined Pursuit

III. A Divine Privilege

Andrew was probably the first disciple of Jesus Christ, albeit he was not the most celebrated.

Andrew was the one who told Peter about Jesus, and then brought him to Christ.

I. A Difficult Position

Probably raised alongside James and John. Andrew and Peter may have been fishing partners, working together in the same business.

They were pretty much a inseparable foursome.

Before long, Peter becomes well known, yet Andrew seems to be in the shadows.

When others inquire to his identi

ty, he is usually introduced as the brother of Peter.

The inner circle forms (Peter, James, and John), and Jesus takes these men places that other disciples are not invited to attend. Why could it not have been a quartet instead of a trio?

Well, not everyone can be part of the elite group. In fact, there are more of us out of that loop than those who are inside of it.

How easy it is to become envious and jealous of others who get the promotion or the special benefit. To be honest, it is even harder when it is someone close to us.

The thing that kept Andrew motivated was the fact that he was included in building the kingdom of God, and he realized that every position was an important one.

II. A Determined Pursuit

Andrew did not become bitter or rebelious.

Someone who did not fare as well was King Saul of the Old Testament. When he heard the praises given to David, it made him furious. He felt that being number one was the highest priority.

--It is interesting to see a toddler react to a newborn baby in the family. At first, there is excitement for a new family member. But soon, the toddler realizes that the attention that once was all his, is now being shared (and not always so evenly) with this new intruder.

It is not easy when you feel that you have been left out.

--Another example is that of newlyweds and the infamous mother-in-law. A mother is so used to giving advice and orders to her child. It is so hard to allow someone else to have that place. It feels as if that person is not needed or wanted anymore.

1 Co. 12:18

18 But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him. (KJV)

18 Mas ahora Dios ha colocado los miembros cada uno de ellos en el cuerpo, como Él quiso. (RVG04)

God never intended all of us to be #1.

#2 is not a position to be looked down upon.

A smaller place does not make one a smaller person.

--Pygmies are the same height even when they are on top of the Alps.

--Heros are still heros when they walk through the lowest valleys.

What is success?

It is doing your best at the job that was assigned to you. It has nothing to do with you trying to do the job of another to show off your superior abilities.

Example: Spurgeon had more than 30 hired critics who sat and listened to his sermons, then reported to him about his errors. None of them had the assignment to take his place in the pulpit.

III. A Divine Privilege

There were areas of ministry that Andrew accomplished, while others were detained with other matters.

A. Soul Winner at Home

--he shared his faith to his brother

--sincere and caring

--not playing politics

B. Another time, there was a multitude who were hungry. Some of the disciples were having a round table discussion with the Master, and no one seemed to know just what to do. Andrew was fellowshipping with the youth and found a young lad who was willing to give his lunch to help out.

C. Some Greeks came around close to the end of Jesus' earthly ministry (Jn.12:22-30). They met up with Philip, but he needed some help with the matter. He did not go to bold Peter, he passed by the sons of thunder (James and John). He asks Andrew to help out. Andrew knew exactly what to do.

I saw a sign at a restaurant that stated "We are Gem City Pizzaria #2 and when you are number two, you try harder.

God is not just found in the beginninig and the end, or the first and last; He is not just interested in the A and Z, but everything and everyone in between has a special work that is important.

Don't be blue when you are number 2. Be encouraged that God has chosen you to work in His kingdom.

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