Summary: Jesus is rest for the soul

Rest For The Soul by Gerald Van Horn

Text. Matthrew 11:28-30

What a great Word from the Lord. It is a comforting Word. Many are carrying a great load. They are battling with everything that is within them. Yet, they fail to find rest in their own strength and effort. Jesus says three things, He says “come”, “take”, and “learn. That is all anyone needs to know about how to deal with pressures of life.

1. Come To Jesus

The first step is to come to Christ. We must turn from whatever we are trying in our own efforts. In the Bible people came to Jesus for many reasons. Some came for forgiveness. Some came for answers. Some came for healing. Some came to Jesus for salvation. Some came to Him for eternal life.

But Jesus says, “You could come to me for rest.” Release your stress, release from carrying a heavy load. He says, “Are you weary? Overloaded? Come to me.”

There do you turn? What is your source? Food! Drugs! Alcohol! Pills! What do you reach out to for strength and comfort. I dare say that Jesus has not been your first choice. The antidote for your heavy load is not a plan for time management. It’s not a program for stress reduction. It’s not a philosophy on how to simplify your life. The answer lies in a person. His name is Jesus. The Bible says “come” to Jesus. It is the exact opposite to what the world teaches. What we need is Jesus. Why not “turn” to Him and do it now.

2. Take Up Jesus’ Yoke.

The antidote for rest is not time management. It’s not a program for stress reduction. It’s not a philosophy on how to simplify your life. It’s not a pill. It is a Person. That Person is Jesus. It will take total surrender of your own will. Jesus does not say, “Come to church.” He does not say “Come to one of our small groups.” He doesn’t even say “Come to the Bible.” He says, “Come to me.” The answer is putting yourself in the care of one Person. He is the only answer. This is the exact opposite of what the world teaches. The world says, “Get busy and do more.” “ Set your mind on other things.” None of these work. Why don’t we turn to Jesus?

3. Relinquish Control.

Take up Jesus’ yoke. He says “My yoke is easy.“ The reason there is no rest is because we think we have to be in control . We feel everything depends on me. I’ve got to pull all the strings. I’ve got to make it happen. I’ve got to be in control. If it happens it’s up to me. Wrong. It’s up to God and not you. How about letting go of control. Jesus says, “Take my yoke upon you.” What does that mean? It means partnership. You see He doesn’t have a load. He’s God. He says I will share with you. He says,“ work with me.”

I will be your partner. Stick with Me. It also means control. When a farmer yokes up a team they are there to share the load. The direction of your life is control by the Master.

He sets the directions. He keeps things moving. He sets the pace. What will it be? Your

agenda or God’s agenda? You make the decision. His yoke is light and easy.

3. Learn To Trust Jesus.

Learning is a process. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes time. You may have to relearn some things.

Ill. The little boy came home after his first day at school. His mother asked, Did the teacher teach you anything?” “Not much“ said the boy “I have to go back tomorrow.”

First of all stop complaining. Learn to lean on the Lord. I need gentleness and humility.

Aggression and arrogance is the problem. Stop it right now. You see we don’t want to wait. We don’t want to pause. We don’t want to delay. We don’t want to consider. We are too quick to jump into things that can harm us. You might say, “ I am tired of being tired all the time.” Some are at the breaking point. Turn to Jesus. You are not your own savior. Learn to trust. Try it. You might like it. Ask Jesus to forgive you for your arrogance. Forgive me for my pride. I surrender to You. I only have worth when I see things through your eyes. “Thank God my way is clear.” I must follow you. You are leading the way. You are the way the truth and the life. Jesus will take you to where you want to be.

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Mike Rospenda

commented on Mar 31, 2017

I have terrible anxiety, pride, arrogance. This helped me for today. Please help me trust Jesus today

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