Summary: God supplies us with daily bread and much more

Finding the Father in Dependence

Matthew 6:11

October 11, 1999

Morning Service


I. Woman and Christmas meal

A. Woman asks for food from grocer

1. Asks for a Christmas meal

2. Grocer asks what she can pay

3. Woman: Her husband was killed in a car accident and all she can offer is a simple prayer

B. Response of the grocer

1. Write the prayer on a piece of paper and I’ll give you it’s weight in food

2. I’ve already written it down last night

3. Prayer is placed on the scales – Loaf of bread, vegetables, fruits even a small ham; the scales don’t budge

C. The result

1. The grocer gives the woman all of the food on the scales

2. The woman thanks the man and leaves

3. The scales were broken

4. The prayer: Please, dear Lord, give us today our daily bread.

II. We all have specific needs in life

A. Needs are a part of being human

1. When you no longer have needs you are no longer alive

2. You must admit the fact of your needs

B. You have three kinds of needs

1. Physical needs – Shelter, food and clothing

2. Emotional needs – Stability, confidence and self esteem

3. Spiritual needs – Jesus Christ

C. God sees your needs

1. God knows you and your needs

2. God is in charge of life

D. You must take your needs to God

1. God wants you to come to Him

2. God wants to supply your needs


I. The meaning of the verse

A. The symbolism of bread

1. Bread is viewed as the basic needs of living

a.) Symbol of survival

b.) Symbol of full and productive life

2. Text Exposition

a.) “Give us … our bread”

1.) Removes the existence of selfish motives

2.) Opens us to be concerned for others

3.) Any person who goes hungry needs to be our concern

b.) “Today”

1.) Eliminates anxiety over tomorrow or the distant future

2.) Focus is here and now

3.) Teaches us to trust God on a daily basis

c.) “Our daily bread”

1.) We all have a portion of daily bread

2.) We ask God for what is ours and not someone else’s

3.) We are to seek and work for our bread

d.) “Give us … bread”

1.) We ask for what we need in life

2.) We are not to focus on the extras

e.) “Give… today our daily bread”

1.) Teaches the believer to come to God daily for their needs

2.) Teaches the believer to expect God to provide daily

II. God cares about you and your welfare

A. God cares for your physical well being

1. God knows what you need

2. God has the ability to provide what you need to live a full life

3. God wants you to come to Him and ask

B. God cares for your mental and emotional well being

1. God wants you to walk in His power

a.) Do not allow fear and doubt to control you

b.) Do not allow discouragement and anger to overwhelm

c.) Do not all negative and destructive thinking to take root

2. God wants you to focus on the positives in life

a.) Focus on God’s goodness and grace

b.) Focus on what is excellent not what is acceptable

C. God cares for your spiritual well being

1. God wants to meet every one of your spiritual needs

2. God has made provision for spiritual fulfillment

a.) Father is your loving Creator

b.) Christ is your merciful Savior

c.) Holy Spirit is your compassionate Comforter

III. God cares for our bodies

A. The basics of God’s care

1. God created the human body

2. God wants you to ask for the necessities of life

3. God sent Jesus to us in a human body

4. God raised Jesus in His body

B. The qualities of God’s care

1. God has promised to give you a resurrected body

2. God has chosen to make the body of believers the temple of the Holy Spirit


I. Young boy prays for his needs

A. The Request

1. Boy asks if the family will pray for a shirt – size 7

2. Family writes the request in prayer journal

3. The boy reminds the family every day to pray for the shirt

B. The Response

1. Christian business calls the home: Clearance sale leftovers – asks if the family needs some boys shirts

2. Mother asks about the shirts

a.) Mother asks the owner about the size – Size 7

b.) Mother asks about how many - 12

C. The Result

1. The same evening the boy asks to pray for the shirt

2. The mother tells the boy that God has answered his prayer

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