Summary: The Lord’s prayer sets a model of God’s desire to forgive

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Finding the Father through Forgiveness

Matthew 6:12-13

October 17, 1999

Morning Worship


I. Sir Alexander Fleming and Winston Churchill

A. Young Churchill saved from drowning

1. Winston Churchill nearly died at a young age

2. He was swimming with friends and got in too deep and began to drown

3. A gardener herd the commotion and dove into the water

4. Churchill’s father asked how they could reward the man

5. Gardener’s request: “I want my son to go to college and become a doctor."

B. Churchill saved again

1. Many years later Churchill fell ill with pneumonia

2. The best physician in England was summoned – Sir Alexander Fleming: The creator of penicillin

3. Fleming was the son of the gardener who saved Churchill as a boy

4. Churchill: “Rarely, has one man owed his life twice to the same person.”

II. Formula for spiritual success

If you want to be distressed – look within.

If you want to be defeated – look back.

If you want to be distracted – look around.

If you want to be dismayed – look ahead.

If you want to be delivered – look up!

III. Biblical Examples of Deliverance

A. OT Examples

1. Moses led God’s people out of Egypt

2. Joseph freed from slavery

3. Daniel saved from the lions den

B. NT Examples

1. Peter rescued from prison

2. Paul and Silas rescued from prison

C. Our God is a god of deliverance

1. God is in the deliverance business

2. God has been faithful to deliver in the past and will do so right now

3. God wants to bring you a spiritual deliverance


I. The Basis of Forgiveness

A. The meaning of Sin

1. Six New Testament terms for Sin

a.) Sin – Hamartia: To miss the mark

b.) Transgress – Parabaino: To step across the line

c.) Lawlessness – Anomia: Open, flagrant rejection

d.) Trespass – Paraptoma: A falling or slipping away

e.) Wickedness – Ponreia: Evil desire

f.) Debt – Opheilema: What is owed or personal obligation

2. The impact of debt

a.) Opheilema is a specific legal term used to account for personal debts

b.) Opheilema is the only term for sin that reveals the results of sin

c.) Debt is the price or consequences of our sinful behavior

B. Power of the prayer

1. Forgive the debt of sin

a.) Forgiveness for the results of sinful behavior

b.) Forgiveness for the consequences

2. Forgive the debt of guilt or punishment

3. Forgive the debts just as the person has forgiven his debtors

C. The duties in forgiveness

1. Our duty to God is to ask forgiveness when we fail

2. Our duty to others is to forgive their sins against us

II. The Road of Temptation and Deliverance

A. God does not lead us into sin

1. Pray God will save you from the pull of temptation

2. Pray God will save you from evil

a.) The evil of sin

b.) The evil one - Satan

B. Essential once we receive forgiveness

1. Deliverance from temptation

2. Deliverance from evil

C. This request is necessary for every believer

1. You will face temptation

2. You can easily be trapped by sinful behavior

D. Temptation must be prayed against

1. Sin causes great hurt and pain to God

2. Sin causes great trouble, guilt and grief for you and others

E. You must have help to overcome the power of Satan

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