Summary: 1 of 5. Magi traveled from the east to pay homage to the newborn King of Israel. The King of Israel is worthy of your careful searching. Those who find the King, perceive His....

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FINDING The KING-I—Matthew 2:1-12


Read from ‘Coastal Connection’—the holiday calendar selection regarding local town’s 'Christmas' festivities. Not much to bring the true message of Christ’s birth to others! Mostly about cooler weather & Santa & ignorant delight.

God doesn’t want you to miss the main event...the King.

Do you consider yourself perceptive?

Magi traveled from the east to pay homage to the newborn King of Israel.

Jesus is worthy of discovery.

The King of Israel is worthy of careful searching.

Who are those who discover Jesus?

8 characteristics/perceptions of people who find Jesus.

1— Those who find the King, Perceive....

His SIGNS(:1-2)


:1—“Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem,”

What follows in this chapter takes place sometime(2 yrs. more or less(some say 6mths.(?))—cf. :16) after Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.

“born in Bethlehem of Judea”

5-6 miles south of Jerusalem, as opposed to Bethlehem of Zebulun(Josh. 19:15).

Also the location of 1)Rachel’s burial (near Ephrath—Gen. 35:19, 48:7); 2)Ruth’s meeting Boaz(Ruth 1:22--2:6); & 3)David’s hometown(1Sam. 17:12-15, 20:6, 2Sam. 23:15).

“in the days of Herod the king”

Herod(the Great) was “king” when these events took place. Herod born 73AD Herod was appointed ‘prefect of Galilee’ in 37BC & ‘King of Judea’ in 40BC.—EBC/NAC/

Some suppose that due to erroneous dating by the 6th century scholar Dionysius Exiguus, whose faulty calculations helped shift BC/AD dating from that based upon the foundation of Rome, it appears that Jesus would have been born in ~4BC(traditionally assumed), the same year of Herod’s death(:19-20).—WBC/EBC

Some “wise men”(magoi) traveled to Jerusalem “from the East,” that is, they traveled from another country far outside Israel’s borders.

We do not know the date of their arrival nor their number nor their names. It is possible that these “wise men” were the result of Daniel’s influence via his capture, resettlement & subsequent promotion by Nebuchadnezzar(Daniel became “ruler over the whole province of Babylon & chief administrator over all the wise men of Babylon”—Dan. 2:48-49).

In the 7th century BC “wise men/magi” are a tribe within Media(Bordered by Iran, Iraq(Tigris River), Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan & Caspian Sea).

Involved in various occult practices(astrology, sorcery, dream interpretation, etc.) resulting in their being adept astronomers. The Magi were among the highest ranking advisors & officials in the Medo-Persian empire & on into Babylonian empire during Daniel’s time.

“Born”2X—gennaw—Aorist Passive Participle—1) Of men who fathered children—1a) To be born, 1b) To be begotten—1b1) Of women giving birth to children; 2) metaph.—2a) To engender, cause to arise, excite, 2b) in a Jewish sense--Of one who brings others over to his way of life, to convert someone, 2c) Of God making Christ his son, 2d) Of God making men his sons through faith in Christ's work. Strong—To procreate(properly, of the father, but by extension of the mother); figuratively--To regenerate.

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