Summary: To show that truth can be known and that we must be willing to tell the truth to a world walking in deception.

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-We live in what I would call an age of lies

-It’s difficult, if not impossible at times to discern the truth from the lies, the fact from the fiction

-General Statistics

-In 1963, according to Gallup, 65% believed the Bible literally; today the number is only 32%. There was a time when most Americans accepted absolute standards. They might disagree on what those absolutes were, but they knew that some things are really right or wrong. Today 70% reject moral absolutes all together.

-Barna Survey Of Church Lay Leaders

- only 53 percent believe that there are moral truths that are absolute

- 43 percent say there is no such thing as the Holy Spirit

- 33 percent believe that Jesus never had a physical resurrection

- 19 percent believe Jesus sinned while on earth.

-John 18:28-38

I. The Rarity Of Truth

A. Truth is thought unknowable

-Or at least “relative”

-Preference supercedes precedence

-They say, “How can we know the truth?”

-Or as Pilate said, “What is truth?”

-You’ve probably heard someone say, “it works for me”

-Absolute truth has been thrown out the window

-Relativism is the mode of the day

-It matter a great deal when it comes to spiritual things

-Your eternal destiny depends on it

B. Truth is distorted

-We see distortions of truth all of the time

-Movie Tricks - Special Effects

-Political Ads

-It is seen through the wrong lens that changes its nature completely

-It is lies deceptively packaged in truth

C. Truth is traded for lies

1. Atheism

2. False religions

-Not all roads lead to God

3. Distorted Christianity

a. Heresies

-The DaVinci Code

-Always seeking new information, while ignoring the information they already have

b. Cults

-Jehovah’s Witnesses


-Doomsday Cults

-Distortions are just a way of legitimizing bad behavior, or a desire to live without standards

D. Truth is ignored

-Many hear the truth, but choose to walk away from it

1. Denying its importance

2. Denying its power

II. The Need for Truth

A. People are cynical

-We have been trained to doubt everything

-Thanks to our friends and associates

-Thanks to politicians

-Thanks to scientists

-Thanks to religious leaders

-Thus, many seem to feel like they cannot know the truth

B. People are immoral

-Just look around you

-Terrorists are active worldwide

-Crime is everywhere

-Ungodly behavior is rampant

-A sign that they are not either believing the right things or they are disregarding them

-Absence of truth always brings lawlessness

-When regard for truth has been broken down or even slightly weakened, all things will remain doubtful.

III. The Existence Of Truth

-The truth is out there

A. God’s word

-He cannot tell a lie

-John 17:17

1. Written

2. Spoken

B. God’s Spirit

-John 16:13

1. Confirming the truth to you

2. Guiding you into all the truth

C. God’s Son

-John 14:6

-He is the embodiment of truth

-God incarnate, truth incarnate

-Because God is truth

-Thus, He is the only one who is always true

-No other paths lead to the truth of God except Him


-The world objects to the truth


-It fights it tooth and nail

-It is promised in scripture

-II Thessalonians 2:9-14

-II Peter 2:1-2

-The truth will always set people free

-John 8:32

-That truth is Christ

-This morning, how tied in to the truth are you

-Do you have any doubts?

-Do you accept all of His claims?

-Have you placed your full faith in Christ?

-If not, you are walking in lies

-In darkness that Christ wants to enlighten

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