Summary: This is the fifth and final message in a series looking at the life of Joseph and how dreams come true. This message deals with the finishing touches on a life that is lived in God’s perfect plan.

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Joseph¡¦s Journey

How Dreams Come True

Pt 5 ¡V Finish Well

Genesis 37:4-8 The Dream

Genesis 41:46-54 The Climax

Genesis 42:6 The Fulfillment

Genesis 45:1-8 The Finish

As we have progressed through this series over the last month ¡V let me take just a moment to recap 4 take home points with you before we finish the series.

„Y God has a plan (dream) for your life.

„Y You will never reach that dream without overcoming many obstacles in your life.

„Y Never give up, your salvation might be just out of sight. Never give in because God will never lead you to glory through the gutter.

„Y No one can stop God¡¦s dream for your life ¡V but you!

How many of you watched last months Olympic Games? One event that you probably didn¡¦t watch was in sharpshooting. American Matt Emmons went into the final shot of that competition only needing to hit the target anywhere near the bullseye to win a Gold Medal. He lined up his shot squeezed the trigger and watched as he hit the target near the bullseye. His elation was short lived however when he realized that he shot at the wrong target ¡V hitting the target in the lane next to his. Because he missed his target completely ¡V he was dropped out of the medals and finished in 8th place.

I tell you that story to remind you that when we are pursuing our dreams ¡V it¡¦s about finishing well. Joseph has spent his life overcoming obstacles and others ¡V from pits to prisons ¡V but God¡¦s plan remains the same and he continues on track to be all that God wants him to be. In these last verses that we are going to consider together Joseph shows us how to finish well. Here are just a couple of suggestions from the life of Joseph.

1) Remember the Journey is Part of the Dream ¡V For Joseph the dream started 13 years earlier when he was only 17 years old. He has a dream ¡V he tells his family about his dream ¡V and his dysfunctional family erupts. His brothers throw him in a pit then sell him into slavery. Once in Egypt ¡V he is thrown into jail for a crime he didn¡¦t commit and is forgotten by the one person who could help him. Joseph could have turned into a bitter angry person. In fact I would say that today we have a lot of bitter angry people who have much less cause than Joseph. But look with me at Joseph when he comes out of prison who is he? He seems to be the same positive forward looking man that started out 13 years earlier. Look at this pasasage in 41:46 ¡V Joseph names his children

„Y The first Manasseh ¡V it means Making to forget ¡V he says he names him this because God has made me forget all my trouble in my father¡¦s household. Joseph finds healing from God for his misfortunes in life. We have choices ¡V we can stay anchored in the past ¡V this was done to me ¡V that was done to me ¡V I hurt ¡V It¡¦s not fair ¡V on and on ¡V or we can seek the healing of God that helps us forget and move on.

„Y The second is Ephraim ¡V it means fruitfulness ¡V He says God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction. Even in hardship God has blessed me.

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