Summary: 300 foxes on fire became the philistines worst night mare, but what would have happened if the foxes were fireless?

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Foxes in the scripture are often symbols of the destructive nature of the devil, the unregenerate man.

When they warned Jesus that Herod would kill him, Jesus said (go and tell that fox, behold I cast out devils, I do cures today and tomorrow and the third day I shall be perfected).

Of the foxes Jesus said: They have holes (dens)

So these foxes here in Judges are symbolic of the old man, sinful nature, being caught (apprehended by the Holy Ghost)being pulled out of our dens of iniquity and having our nature changed by the fire of God.

One of the greatest tragedies of the hour we live in is, there are so many fireless foxes.

Many have been caught, but have failed to catch the fire.

Then also many have at one time had the fire but today it’s as though they never had it (about saul it was said) as though he had not been anointed (2 sa 1:21)

· What a tragedy it is to have one time lived in the fire, and the fire lived in you and now when someone talks about the fire, or manifests a little fire instead of exciting us it irritates us.

One time we prayed with fire, sang with fire, witnessed with fire, preached with fire, testified with fire, everything you said had the fire in it.

· I thank God for filling me with the Holy Ghost and fire

· I’m saved sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost and fire

· It’s the Holy Ghost and fire and it’s keeping me alive,

· It’s just like fire shut up in my bones.

Everything was on fire,

Why? Because the church was on fire, Why ? Because she made up her mind that she was going to get the fire and she got down on her face and pleaded with God to send the fire, and like the early church and in that upper room, she said I’m not leaving till the fire falls.

And they waited, and they prayed, and they waited and they prayed, and they waited and they prayed, 1 day, 2, 3, 4, 5,-10 days, and suddenly the fire fell and cloven tongues like as fire set upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost……..

When Elijah was on that mountain with those false prophets, and the nation of Israel in a backslidden condition, (fire was no option for him) it was a matter of life and death.

I believe the church is that very same place today

It is a matter of life and death.

All through the bible God answered from heaven by fire

Fire is heavens witness

God is still answering by fire today.

There’s no conviction in a fireless church, and there’s no deliverance in a fireless church, and there’s no power of God to set the captives free in a fireless church, (It was the fire that destroyed the philistine crops, and it’s still the fire that destroys the enemies crops today).

The bible tells us when Paul was shipwrecked on an Island, gathering sticks to start a fire

Somewhere in those sticks a poisonous viper was hiding

But he never stirred, (he was perfectly content to be carried to church ) as long as there was no fire

But when the sticks came into contact with the fire, that which was hidden was revealed, that snake came out of those sticks and fastened on to pauls hand

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Marcus Chandler

commented on Oct 21, 2006

A big AMEN to this sermon. We certainly need the fire of God like never before. The enemy is no threat when we have the fire of God burning within our souls, so send the fire, fire, fire!

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