Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Are you willing to be a fisher of man?

Title: Fishers of Man

Text: Luke 5:1-11


Three ways of fishing:

i. Line and hook

ii. Throw net cast from shallow waters

iii. Dragnet strung between two boats in deep waters

Peter, James and John were using the second method.

1. The Challenge (Luke 5:4)

Just as Jesus gave Peter the challenge, he is also giving us a similar challenge.

- Deep waters

a. A place of fishes where the Holy Spirit is directing us to.

b. A Place of unfamiliarity

- Let down the nets

Going to the deep is not enough. We must let down the gospel net.

a. Praying for the lost.

b. Tearing down territorial spirits

c. Sharing the gospel

2. The Cry of objection (Luke 5:5)

How often we gave a cry of objection just like Peter did.

• Reach out to my class? I think it is impossible and they are hopeless cases. I don’t think they will listen to me anyway.

• The five words of a dying church "we have done that before"

• Me witnessing to my friends? Cannot, I am not cut our for it.

3. The Catch (Luke 5:6)

When Peter obeyed Jesus, move out to the deep waters and let down his nets something happen which never happen before in their entire career, the catch of fish is so great that their fishing net began to break and when the other boat came to help, the fishes filled both boats and there were so many that the boats began to sink!

Just as Jesus gave Peter James and John such a large catch of fishes, He wants to give us a large catch of fishes.

- Not to rely upon our own strength.

- Be passionate, move out to the deep and let down our nets

- Take that step of obedience as Peter did.

4. The Call (Luke 5:10)

Just as Jesus called Peter, James and John to become fishers of man, God is calling each and everyone of us to become the Fishers of man, to fish dead people out of the sea of sin so that they may live!


God is calling you to be a fisher of man. Are you willing?

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