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Summary: Five verses that tell us to "not be afraid."

An Encouraging Word: God’s messengers frequently said, “Do not be afraid” because God knows how easily we’re gripped by fear.

- Luke 1:13.

Five Encouragements To “Not Be Afraid”:

- We’re going to look at five places where the Bible says, “Do not be afraid.”

- In each we can find a word of encouragement for struggles that some of us may be facing this morning.

1. Jesus comes with an agenda of peace.

- John 12:15.

- Here in the Triumphal Entry, we see Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt. This is important that He was not coming into town on a horse, an image of war and conquering. Rather, He’s on a donkey, an image of coming in peace.

- The point: on this mission, Jesus comes in peace.

- This is important because often people presume that God is out to get them or that God is trying to catch them in their sin. In fact, God is right now on a mission of peace. His heart is for peace and restoration.

- To those who are afraid of God, Jesus says, “Do not be afraid.”

2. Jesus desires that we would live with a confident peace.

- John 14:27.

- Jesus here speaks of giving us His peace. He doesn’t want us to live troubled lives but rather to live in peace.

- The context of this passage is important. It’s when Jesus is speaking to His disciples about His imminent departure. It’s a precarious time for them because they will soon be filled with uncertainty about what’s going on and how to make it without Christ. This echoes in our hearts with all the times when we wonder if God is with us or if we’re on our own.

- God wants us to live with a confident peace, assured of His presence in our lives.

3. Jesus has entrusted Kingdom power to us.

- Luke 12:32.

- Jesus speaks of incredibly delegation here. The keys to the Kingdom have been given to us. Kingdom power has been given to us.

- This means that He isn’t just putting up with us – He’s empowering us. He wants to see His power flow through us. He wants to see our lives make a dramatic difference in this world.

- This is important when we feel as though our life or our church isn’t having the impact that we know it should be. God is still with us, wanting to move us in the direction that brings abundant fruitfulness.

4. Circumstances shift, but Jesus has made your soul secure.

- Matthew 10:28; Luke 12:4.

- Sometimes we’re troubled by the circumstances we find ourselves in. We certainly should pray for relief from those difficulties, but there’s a higher truth to consider.

- Even in the midst of our struggles, we have the knowledge that our soul is secure. Yes, the temporary problems that life brings our way will have some sway over us, but we always have the larger certainty that our soul is secure.

- We don’t have to be afraid when we know that whatever we go through we’re secure in Christ.

5. Battles rage, but Jesus has won the war.

- Matthew 28:5, 10.

- After the resurrection, the angel tells the women, “Do not be afraid.” Then, just a few verses later, Jesus tells the women, “Do not be afraid.”

- There were lots of reasons to fear in the aftermath of Jesus’ death. There were lots of reasons to fear in strange signs they encountered on Easter Sunday morning. So the angel and Jesus began with the assurance that this was good news: “do not be afraid.”

- With Jesus’ resurrection, we have the confidence that the war has been won. Certainly there are battles still to be fought and those battles are important. But there is confidence in knowing that the outcome is assured.

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