Summary: This creative & humorous exposition of Heb. Ch. 10 will inspire laughs and encourage thought. Written by: Farmer Billy Bob Hunner

"5 heads of Lett-us in the Byble"

By Farmer Billy Bob Hunner (and Pastuer too!)

They Byble is chock full of everyday examples on how we should be livin. I was readin in Heebrews the other day and found 5 heads of ‘Lett-us,’ ready to pick. This is down home Bible exposition for us ordinary folk out here on the farm.

Open yer Bybles to Heebrews Ch. 10:19-25

Head of Lett-us number #1 is found in verse 22. Where it says, "Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart." Ya see, the Laurd wants us to be near to Him, not over yonder or out there in the field some wherz…faaaar away. The Laurd wants us to bee close to him, like a baby Chick to it’s Momma. When Momma Hen seez the danger of a predator, she nabs her little Chicks and covers them with Her wings. Now that’s what we call being close! And that’s where the Laurd wants us, near to him as in…under his wing close!

Head of Lett-us number #2 is found in verse 23. Where it says, "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess." Now here’s lesson fer ya. The Byble says, ‘hold unswervingly.’ That means you gotta hold onto tight to the steering wheel and not swerve all around like you’ve had too much too drink. The Laurd wants us ta walk the straight and narrow. Here on the Farm we plant our crops with a John Deer tractor in a nice straight row. The last thing we need on the farm is a farm hand whose had a little moon shine and swerves all over the place on the tractor. That’s how it is with the Laurd, if yer goin to get to heaven you can’t swerve all over the place, ya gotta walk the straight and narrow and hold on tight to the steering wheel of hope.

Head of Lett-us number #3 is found in verse 24. Where the writer says, "Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Circle the werd spur, in your Byble. For ya’ll city folk, that don’t know what a spur is, let me tell ya. According to Websturs dictionarie, a spur is something secured to a rider’s heel used to urge on a Horse in forward direction. Once in a while, I have to spur my favorite horse, ‘Ole Nelly. ‘Ole Nelly’s got a few years on the rest of the horses. To some she’s an old nag, but not to me. She just needs to be spurred-on once in a while. And so do we Christians, once in a while we need to be spurred on toward Loving one another and doin good deeds. There’s a few old nags in the Church these days, that just need a little spurring and they could do something good and useful fer the Laurd.

Head of Lett-us number #4 is found in verse 25. Where it says, "Let us not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing." One in a while when things get real busy during harvest season, folk quit going to Church. Once they miss a few Sundays, it becomes a habit. Bad habits are hard to break. I used to chew bacca all day long and spit chew all over the side of the pick-up truck. Momma was prayin for me, and one day the Laurd spoke to me, and told me he’d help me quit that nasty habit. So I threw my chew pouch into a pile of manure where it belonged and never picked it up again. That’s how ya, break a habit. Ya get the Laurd’s help. Some have picked up the, "I’m not goin to Church habit." That’s almost as bad as chewin bacca! Either way, ya need the Laurd’s help to break habits. Amen?

Head of Lett-us number #5 if found also in verse 25. There are two heads of lett-us in this verse. "…Let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the day approaching." Did ya know that cows give more milk when you milk em together? Every farmer knows this trick. Never milk em separate, they’ll get discouraged and wanna be with the rest of the herd. So ya line em up and give em a little hay and they’ll encourage one another just by being there. That’s how it is with us Christians, we can encourage one another just by being there. Ya don’t have to say anything special, just stand by yer brothers and sisters in the Laurd and see what happens. The Byble says, the sooner the Lord’s return, the more we need to encourage one another.

Yup, there’s a lot of "Lett-us" in the Byble. Start pickin it, and livin everyday fer the Laurd. Amen?

Copywrite 2003 "Pastuer Billy-Bob’s sacred farm files" Full Moon Publishing, Gresham, OR.

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