Summary: The answer to these questions can change the way we see and live life!

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• How would you like to know that no matter how you looked, what you did, that you were loved unconditionally?

• Of the many people who end up living a life of crime, how many of them do you think came from backgrounds in which they felt unconditionally loved by someone?

• As we have been looking at some of the wonderful benefits we receive from God when we come to the W-E-L-L, we have seen that when we come thirsty to God, He gives us refreshment.

• We are refreshed by God when we drink from His well.

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• WE can come to drink from God’s WELL we receive God’s work through Jesus on the cross. We receive His energy through the Holy Spirit. Last week we looked at the blessing of accepting God’s Lordship in our lives.

• Today we are going to look at God’s love.

• Are you feeling unloved? How would you like to experience the joy of being unconditionally loved by God right now?

• The world can be a tough lonely place. It seems like we are standing alone in the crowd, it seems like the whole world is standing against us.

• The world tells us we can be loved if we are smart enough, attractive enough, or wealthy enough.

• God, on the other hand; He loves you right now.

• Today as we come to drink from God’s well, we are going to look at Five Life-Changing Questions.

• These five questions are posed to us by Paul in Romans 8:31-39. Not only are we given the questions, but we are also given the answers.

• As we look at these Five Life-Changing Questions, I hope that you will let these soak into your soul.

• Once you understand the answers to these questions, your life will never be the same.

• These questions and their answers will have a profound impact on you because maybe for the first time, you will no longer wonder if God loves you!

• Let us turn to Romans 8:31-39 in our Bibles this morning as we look at Five Life-Changing Questions! We will begin with verse 31.

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Romans 8:31 (ESV) What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

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Life-Changing Question #1


• We find this question and answer in verse 31.

• This is an important question for us to answer because so many times in life we will be faced with opposition.

• There will be times when we need to do the right thing, but we will be pressured from many directions to do the wrong thing.

• We will face times where people will get mad at us for trying to do the right thing.

• Have you ever faced this in your life? The pressure can drag us right down the wrong path.

• Sometimes the people around you can be poisoning you without you ever realizing it.

• When you are faced with opposition from seemingly all sides there are a couple of things we need to remember. First.

• What power is there that is stronger than God!

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