Summary: Being an Authentic Follower of Jesus: Five Reasons for Loyalty in a Hostile World

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Being an Authentic Follower of Jesus:

Five Reasons for Loyalty in a Hostile World

Luke 12:1-12

I want to first start with the definition of hypocrisy. “Hypocrite” was used in Greek society to describe an actor who gave performances to make money. It means acting like someone who you really aren’t in order to get people’s approval. The opposite of hypocrisy is integrity— being consistent with your convictions regardless of what people want or think of you.

There are two kinds of hypocrisy in this passage. The Pharisees’ were hypocrites because they acted like they were committed to God even though they weren’t in order to get people’s approval. We saw last week that Jesus blew up a meal by exposing and rebuking them for this. The result was a vicious counter-attack by them which drew the crowd we read about this week.

But Jesus is warning his disciples of a different kind of hypocrisy, acting like they are not committed to Jesus even though they are in order to keep society’s approval and avoid their hostility. Maybe some of them who nodded their heads as Jesus rebuked the scribes and Pharisees were now changing their response as they felt their hostility.

The disciples faced this form of hypocrisy from here on out. They faced it when Jesus was arrested, tried, and executed. They faced it after Jesus ascended and they experienced the hostility of a Jewish society that rejected Jesus as Messiah, and a Roman society that rejected Jesus as the only way to God. All but one of the twelve disciples were martyred for their loyalty to Jesus. We too face this form of hypocrisy in a society that is becoming increasingly hostile to the claims of Christ. The whole idea of “absolute truth” is offensive in a relativistic culture. Spirituality is in but truth is out. The idea of commitment to truth or to Jesus to the point of sacrifice (i.e. career, relationships) is ludicrous in a totally self-absorbed culture.

1. Because the Truth Will One Day be Clearly Revealed (2-3)

Here is a promise that the truth about Jesus, though now hidden and repressed by a hostile world, will one day be unmistakably manifested. This is increasingly prevalent in our culture; there have been a number of books recently attacking Christianity. Think about this, the same scriptures that accurately predicted Jesus’ first coming and crucifixion also predict his second coming and world-wide rule. The day is coming when everyone will see and acknowledge that Jesus is Lord. It will be too late for those who refused to bow in their lifetimes—they will bow as vanquished foes rather than as grateful friends. On that day everyone will know the truth about Jesus and it will seem very strange to all of us to have kept quiet about him. Since this is the case, it only makes sense to be forthright about your commitment to Jesus now—even when you get flak and criticism for it. We need to trust and embrace the promise of Gods reward if we are to be steadfast and loyal.

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