Summary: Suppose you were given one hour to speak in the United Nations General Assembly for all people of the world to hear, what meaningful subject would you speak about?

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Intro: Suppose you were given one hour to speak in the United Nations General Assembly for all people of the world to hear, what meaningful subject would you speak about? In my case, because God doesn’t want men to be confused about His great love and plan for them in eternity, I would speak the Christian Gospel in a simple and an easy to understand manner. Let me share with you that Christian message which I would deliver in the UN Assembly if I were given the chance – the Five Truths You Cannot Ignore.

1. LIFE IS SHORT (Jas. 4:14b; I Chron. 29:15b)

In other words, life is uncertain, fragile—here today, gone tomorrow! Psalm 139 tells us that our days on this planet are determined by God while we are still in our mother’s womb. Only He knows how long we will live—two weeks, two years, 40 years, 80 years? We hear about people living into their late 90s and even 100 and we say, “That’s a long time to live.” But Methuselah lived to be 969. Yet even that is a very short time compared to eternity. Some of us that are in our 50s and above often say, “Where have all the years gone? Why, time flies so fast!” Life is indeed short!

2. ETERNITY IS LONG (Rev. 11:15, 14:11a; 20:10)

Suppose that a bird took a grain of sand in its beak from the Earth, then flew 93 million miles and dropped the grain into the Sun. Then suppose the bird kept repeating this process until it had emptied the Earth of all its sand into the Sun. Yet when the bird had finally completed this....eternity would have only just begun!

The Bible tells us that the souls of men will spend eternity in either the Heavenly City or Hell. The description of the Heavenly City found in the Bible is too wonderful for words to describe. On the other hand, the picture of Hell is absolutely horrible. But God in His mercy has provided the way for us to be sure that we spend eternity with Him. The only way is through faith in His Son Jesus.

3. SIN IS A CURSE (Rom. 5:12; Psa. 51:5)

Ever since Adam and Eve allowed sin into their lives, everyone of us was contaminated with it. Isaiah tells us that all of us have sinned and that we are all like sheep gone astray (Isa. 53:6a).

What is sin? It is rebellion against God. It is breaking His law. Sin is unbelief. Unbelief is the worst kind of sin—it is that which damns souls to hell. If we could journey through the corners of Hell and talk to its inhabitants, we would find all kinds of people there: thieves, adulterers, liars, murderers, good people, moral people, respectable people—people who always obeyed the law.

What are they doing there? Well, if we would ask them, they would say, “We are here because we did not repent and believe Jesus Christ.” To ignore Jesus is to choose Satan! The penalty of sin is severe (Ezek. 18:20a; Rom. 6:23). Sin’s remedy is found only in the blood of Jesus (I John 1:7b; Col. 1:14). Yes, sin is a terrible curse but there is a remedy for it – the blood of Jesus.

4. HELL IS CERTAIN (Luke 16:19-24)

This is not a parable as most like to think. Granted if it was, it still teaches life after death and the reality of Hell. I am aware that too many educated people don’t believe in Hell anymore. Even some of the religious don’t believe in it. Folks joke about it. Yes, I know what men would like to believe and say just to deny Hell. But I also know that no excuse, denial or disregard can destroy Hell! Its fire and brimstone are hotter as ever! Jesus spoke more about Hell than any other preacher I know (Mark 9:44, 46, 48). Why is that? I believe it is because God loves us and warns us so that we could have an opportunity of avoiding it. Yes, Hell is 100% certain and there is no escape except by trusting the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. HEAVEN CAN BE YOURS (I Cor. 2:9; Rev. 22:1-5)

Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. The bad news is that you can’t get into it by your own way. God says your good deeds, personal opinion or religion are not enough. The only way is by accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour. The Heavenly City is open to all who will fully trust Christ for salvation (John 14:6).

What’s so beautiful about heaven? I’ll tell you...first, Jesus is there; Saved loved ones are there; Bible characters are there; Angelic beings are there; Beauty, peace and quiet are there; Satan isn’t there; Sin and curse won’t be there; Suffering, disease, pain, and death aren’t there! Wouldn’t you like to be there my friend?

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