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• The body of missionary and explorer David Livingstone;

• Was buried in Westminster Abbey England in 1874.

• But one part of him was missing!

• His heart was buried in the Africa he loved.

• It was buried at the foot of a tall mpundu tree in a small African village.

• The natives dug a hole & placed in it the heart of this man who they loved & respected.

• They then his embalmed body in a cylinder of bark;

• Which was wrapped in sailcloth and carried their shoulders a thousand miles to the coast;

• It was a nine month march, before it was then sent home to England

• During his life he received a letter form a missions committee;

• They wrote to him saying,

• "Some people would like to join you. What’s the easiest road to get where you are?"

• He replied:

• "If they’re looking for the easiest road, tell them to stay in England.

• I want people who will come, even if there’s no road at all!"


• These men we read about in John chapter 1;

• Are about to discover that following Jesus will not be easy.

• They are about to embark on a journey that would not only change their lives;

• But would also change the world.

This evening we are looking at five men who followed Jesus:

• Five men who became his disciples;

• The term "disciples" occurs 269 times in the New Testament,

• While the term "Christian" only occurs three times.

• We are told that in the Bible book called Acts (chapter 11 verse 26):

• That "The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch”,

• The word “Christian” means “one in whom Christ dwells.”

• Here believers stopped calling themselves “Jews,” “Greeks” and “Gentiles.”

• They took the name of Christ.

• They were Christ-indwelt ones.

• Today in the UK;

• We have kind of made these terms ‘Christian’ & ‘Disciple’ interchangeable.

• We forget or deliberately miss out or skip over the fact;

• That the word disciple demands so much from the person who owns it!

• Note: every disciple is a Christian, but not every Christian is necessarily a disciple!

• A disciple is someone who is committed to,

• And who tries to follow, put into practice the teachings and lifestyle of their master.

Quote: Jonathan Dodson:

“A disciple is rational (learner), relational (family), and missional (missionary)”

Quote: Alan Redpath the late great British evangelist, pastor and author.

"The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment,

but the manufacture of a saint is the task of a lifetime."

• Becoming a Christian, a follower of Jesus may start suddenly;

• Can happen this evening, if you are willing to take a step of faith;

• And invite the living Christ to be your saviour & Lord!

• But the learning process never ends this side of eternity!

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