Summary: The primary focus of this sermon is to help the believer to look at what God is yet doing even in the midst of all that is happening to them; like focusing on the doughnut & not the hole in the doughnut.

A doughnut is a type of sweet deep fried pastry. The doughnut is often sprinkled with sugar or other toppings, and may be frosted or glazed as well. Associated in some nations with breakfast, the doughnut is generally agreed to be a sweet and delicious indulgence. Some countries also consume donut holes, a nod to the missing chunk of pastry in a classical doughnut.

Fried pastries come in many shapes, but the doughnut is usually only recognized as a circular pastry with a hole in the middle. Doughnuts can be filled or glazed, but the basic shape will remain the same. When cooked properly, the doughnut will retain a round shape and a crisp exterior.

So many people like to indulge in the sweet charm of a doughnut either with coffee or a cold glass of milk often times for breakfast. It is how some people start their day; with a doughnut. It is funny though, that the classic American doughnut has a hole in it. For years people have been eating the doughnut and not once had anyone really paid much attention to the hole until some years back when Dunkin’ Donuts began to sell doughnut holes. After that, Tim Horton’s came along and started selling what was supposed to be the hole out of the middle of the doughnut. Not soon after, you could go to nearly any doughnut shop or bakery and partake in what was referred to being the hole left in the middle of the doughnut. It was as if people forgot about the doughnut itself. There became an obsession with the hole in the middle of the doughnut. The convenience of the hole became more appreciated than the product it derived from originally. Focus was in the wrong place. If it had not been for the doughnut there would not have been a doughnut hole to celebrate.

Many are familiar with the life-story of Job in the bible. The bible says that there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. Satan had a plan to see if he could get Job to curse God if God would remove the hedge from Job’s life. Satan was free to use all his vices but he could not touch Job’s life. It may seem like I am telling your testimony today… Sure enough Satan set out to do all he could to discourage Job. Starting in the thirteenth verse of the first chapter Satan’s plan is in full effect as all of Job’s children are gathered at their oldest brother’s home. All of Job’s oxen are stolen while they were plowing the fields and all the servants were killed except one. Next, while all Job’s sheep were grazing fire fell upon them and killed all the servants except one. Then, the Chaldeans came as a gang and killed all Job’s camels and all the servants except one. Are you sensing a theme? Last, all of Job’s children were killed at their brother’s house as it collapsed on them and all the servants there were killed except for one. Each one of the servants that survived came running to tell Job the tragedy that happened while they were serving in their respective capacity. And Job tore his clothes in pieces, shaved his head and then he would lie on the ground to begin worshipping the LORD.

It is what Job said in his worshipped that showed that Job was focused on the doughnut; verse 21 says that Job affirmed that into the world he entered naked and out of the world would he leave naked; the LORD gives and the LORD takes away; blessed be the name of the LORD. That’s the doughnut people of God. See, Job was focused on the doughnut and not the hole in the doughnut! Too often we get caught up with what is missing from the doughnut that we do not take time to appreciate the doughnut itself. All the small and minor things that are a result of your premier blessing are simply the doughnut holes. It takes several of those small doughnut holes to make up the substance of one doughnut. When the hard times come in your life, focus on the doughnut and not the doughnut hole.

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