Summary: This is a message for Fathers. It speaks of Isaac and the priorities that he displayed as a father. His responsibilities to God first, to his family, and then to his job.

Thanks to my, Dad-In-Law for the seeds of this message, Rev. Doulgas E. Harding, I.

I wish all of you DADS a Happy Father’s Day this morning!!!

I know that many may be facing a number of feelings or emotions at this timefor various reasons... delight...

-I know that we may be all facing this day with different feelings, because we all have had different experiences throughout life, both good and bad.

There may be people here today with no dad?

There may be those with a dad...but not a good one?

Maybe, dad, you would have to admit that you are not a good dad...or you may think so.

And perhaps, there are those who are in a step-dad situation and don’t know exactly what to do?

I don’t want to say that I have all the answers today, because I don’t...but I do know that the Word does have an answer to all our problems!!! AMEN!?

And that is where we will be going to today for a Word for each of us, in each of our individual situations.

Today, I want to bring a word of encouragement to dad, in every and any situation.

A word that can give some direction, guidance and hope to you...your home...and your family...

-It is also a word for each of us too...

-A word for where our priorities should be, and our attentions be given to.

Stand & Read - Genesis 26:23-25

"Then he went up from there to Beersheba. And the Lord appeared to him the same night and said, ’I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you, and multiply your descendants, for the sake of My servant Abraham.’ [25] So he built an altar there, and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched his tent there; and there Isaac?s servants dug a well."

"Focused Fatherhood"



Maybe this is a new tid-bit of information for most of us?but did you know that the OFFICIAL FLOWER of Father?s Day is the Dandelion???

Which begs the question?Why the dandelion???

Could it be that because the more the dandelion is trampled on?the more it grows, and does not die??? Able to take a great amounts of abuse?and yet, it springs up and thrives in the midst of adversity???

-And so it is with us dads?

We are enduring, thriving, and perseverant?or so we should be!

It is true?I do believe today that dads are ?trampled on? and given a bad rap?

-To the kids?he has become ?the old man??

-To the comedian?he is the brunt of a joke?

-To the secular world?and sadly, even in the Church sometimes?he has been removed from his rightful place as ?Head of the House?.

And yes, many times, it is our own fault that we are given these stereotypes.

But we want to see that change today!

Rather than us just living at our present level?we, as men of God, are called to raise that standard?and not just remain to be what everyone says we are.

God, and His Word, are supposed to be what shapes who we are and what we become?not this society?!

Now listen?I could give us a great, long and exhaustive list of names and things that have been said of dads, husbands, and men?

-Dead-beats?abusers?consumed with our habits?the list could go on?

And it does seems as though men have gotten a bad rap?and often, for good reason?they have brought it upon themselves.

However?my friends?if there has ever been a time, season or era that there has ever been a great need for GREAT men?IT IS NOW!!!

I believe that there is a dire need for men to rise up within the home?the job?the community?and the Church?and be what God has called us to be!!!

-Leaders?examples?pursuers of God?

-Priests?prayers?teachers and trainers of our children and others around us?

-Lovers?compassionate companions?and caring husbands?

Today?June 16, 2002?God is calling out for some men?husbands, and fathers to be MEN OF GOD?

-And if men of God?then men who are FOCUSED in their FATHERHOOD!

Being the Father that God has called you to be.

Maybe you have no children, or those child-rearing days are over?God has called you to also set an example for those who do not have a Father.

-There are those who still need a Father-Figure in their lives?caring, leading and shaping their lives as well?

-Maybe, you can be an example and help to those who are still raising children?

One of those things that God has ordained and given us responsibility for is FATHERING.

-And Fathering includes leading?

-Specifically leading in Worshiping the Lord?Teaching and Training up a child in the way they should go?and setting an example of Godliness and Holiness?

It is no doubt to me that the enemy had well known what he was doing when he began his attack on the men of God?

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