Summary: We have made discipleship into what we endeavor to become for Christ rather than what Christ endeavors to make us for Himself. This sermon should challenge each hearer to follow Jesus and let Him make them into what He wants them to be.

We live in a world of the “self-made” and the “self-proclaimed”. We ring this mind set into our Christianity. We make discipleship into what we endeavor to become for Christ rather than what Christ endeavors to make us for Himself. In our efforts to believe, belong and become we spend for to much time with many good books and so little time in the Good Book. While there is nothing wrong with gleaning from the insight of our fellow Christian in our efforts of discipleship, we must not neglect the Christ who makes us disciples.

God did not call perfect people but, He intends to present perfect disciples to the Father at his coming. It’s ok to admit your imperfections. It’s ok to admit your frustrations. I have the same emotional struggles in my life. But, neither you nor I need a self-help book, another 12 step plan or another elaborate discipleship program to follow. In our text today Jesus gives us a clear process for discipleship. Listen or you might miss it. Read it slowly or you may over look it.

See the words spoken “Follow me and I will MAKE YOU...” Spurgeon explains it this way in his introduction to his sermon on this text, “When Christ calls us by His grace we ought not only remember what we are, but we ought also to think of what He can make us. It is, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you.’ We should repent of what we have been, but rejoice in what we may be. It is not ‘Follow Me, because of what you are already.’ It is not ‘Follow Me, because you may make something of yourselves;’ but, ‘Follow Me, because of what I will make you.’ ... I might say of each one of us as soon as we are converted, ‘It does not yet appear what we shall be.’ It did not seem a likely thing that lowly fishermen would develop into apostles; that men so handy with the net would be quite as much at home in preaching sermons and in instructing converts.”

Discipleship is not a plan or a program, it’s an action. It’s an act of obedience. Jesus said if we will simply “Follow Him” that He would “MAKES US”. If we come after him with all of our hearts He will Make us into that which He has always intended for us to become. The question for us becomes, “How do we follow Him?” I believe we can learn five truths that will help us “Follow Him” so that He can MAKE US into the disciples He has predestined us to be.

I. First we must place our faith in Him - We must be Radically Saved.

A. We be Transformed.

B. We must be Totally Sold out.

C. We must Tenaciously walk with after Him.

II. Second we must put off our religious Facade - We must get Real.

A. We must get real with Him.

B. We must get real with ourselves.

C. We must get real with others.

III. Third we must Follow Him - We must Roll with Him.

A. We must follow Him on purpose.

B. We must follow Him on principle.

C. We must follow Him up close and personal.

IV. Fourth we must Free ourselves - We must Release our:

A. We must release our plans.

B. We must release our pains.

C. We must release our problems.

V. Fifth we must Fish For Men - We must Reach out to others.

Conclusion: Are you trying to be a Frank Sinatra Christian and do it your way? Are you trying to be a “self-made” or self-proclaimed disciple of Jesus Christ? Give it up because you can’t. Give up your worry, your wanting in effort, you working to become His disciple. Disciple is not something you become it is something that you are made. Stick close to Jesus, “Follow Him” and He will make you into what He desires you to be.

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